In the food processing industry, cleanliness is the most important factor. For many, ensuring cleanliness has meant endless hours of hand-scrubbing and inspection by employees, costing valuable labor and time. But for many, ultrasonic cleaning is changing all that.

Omegasonics of Simi Valley, Calif. specializes in Ultrasonic cleaning which uses specialized environmentally friendly but effective solutions, heat, water, and ultrasonic sound waves. Users have not only found the method to be more cost-effective in terms of labor and time, they’ve also found it to do a more effective job of cleaning due to cavitations within the liquid reaching areas unable to be cleaned by human hands or other devices. The units also no longer need to be taken apart — they can be thoroughly cleaned while fully assembled.

Not only is the ultrasonic method saving considerable time and effort, but is also safer for employees since it uses non-toxic, water-based solutions. In an industry in which cleanliness must always come first, ultrasonic is the most cost-effective and thorough solution.

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