Safely and reliably identify foreign objects, missing items and defects in your products with the versatile Ishida X-ray inspection system. The system detects metal, glass, stone, bone, shell and plastics through retort pouches, aluminum foils and cans. It can also detect non-conforming product, missing items, cracked product and other defects. Ishida X-ray systems now use tungsten radiation curtains with no lead content. Half the thickness of conventional lead curtains, Ishida’s tungsten curtains last about 4 times longer and limit X-ray emissions to about 0.1 millirem per hour.
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Mettler-Toledo Safeline has introduced its CanChek X-ray inspection system. Using a horizontal multi-beam system, the CanChek inspects the cross section of the can. Due to the angle of the beams, contaminants are pulled away from the sidewalls, increasing visibility in at least one of the X-ray images. CanChek can inspect 1200 cans per minute. Variable speed-detection capability allows changes in line speed withoutinterrupting inspection, thereby increasing productivity.
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