WASHINGTON – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has congratulated President-elect Barrack Obama on winning the 2008 election.

“As one of America’s largest agricultural organizations, we look forward to working with the Obama transition team and providing information, advice, and counsel as needed on the many challenges the next Administration will face in regards to food and fuel policies,” said Andy Groseta, NCBA president.

Groseta said that farmers and other rural Americans will be impacted by tax policies, environmental regulations, international trade, renewable fuel subsidies and food safety and nutrition. He said that the NCBA worked with the Obama campaign and will be included in decisions on these issues.

We appreciate Senator Obama’s commitment to basing decisions on sound economic and scientific evidence,” he said. “NCBA is eager to share the stories of our cattle producers and discuss the challenges they face today, from estate taxes that cause families to lose century-old ranches, to the high corn prices resulting from ethanol subsidies that create unfair competition in the marketplace.”


Source: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association