Pack-Tech’s new RC-1820 Rotary Vacuum Chamber Machine features all stainless steel construction and a patented sealing system that provides quality seals time after time. Completely micro-processor controlled, this packaging machine offers ease of operation and monitoring with setting storage capabilities for up to 10 different products. It provides controllable sealing temperature, time, and pressure for use with all bag brands and thicknesses. Because of the patented technology, there are virtually no leaker rates in the seal area. Unlike any other manufacturer of these machines, Pack-Tech offers straight and/or curved sealing bars, depending on customer need.

Leading the way in sanitation, the RC-1820 machine features stainless steel construction that enables full wash-down capabilities. And because the sealing machine features very few flat surfaces, there is little to no standing water after wash-down. An optional clean-in-place (CIP) system is also available for the RC-1820.

Made in the U.S.A. with off-the-shelf parts, the Pack-Tech RC-1820 offers more cost efficiencies with faster deliveries, too. For more information, call Craig McBee at (888) 314-2152.