Class of 2009

The National Provisioner welcomes the 2009 inductees into the Hamburger Hall of Fame

Hamburgers are America’s most recognizable native fare. Even in light of consumers’ increasedinterest in world cuisine and healthy eating, the burger still reigns supreme.

Our love affair with this mouth-watering sandwich shows no sign of slowing down, as the burger continues to adapt to new tastes, flavors and consumers’ changing palates.

Whether its most important component — ground beef — is grilled or fried and teamed with toppings from the basic ketchup and mustard to pepper jack, bacon, jalapeño peppers, ham or even pineapple, it remains one of our nation’s hottest commodities.

Each year, The National Provisioner chooses to honor those folks in the industry who recognize the importance of the consumer in the world of hamburgers.

This year, we induct one processor, one retailer and one foodservice establishmentinto our esteemed Hamburger Hall of Fame: Birchwood Foods, Costco Wholesale and Red Robin. Each of these companies has made the hamburger a top priority.

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