GAINESVILLE, Ga. (March 10, 2009) -— Gainco, Inc. announces the introduction of new AccuFill™ legal-for-trade (LFT) bulking systems for meat and poultry applications. In addition to automating the collection of bulk-pack products, the LFT bulker combines packing and labeling functions all in one station, thereby reducing the equipment footprint and plant labor requirements. This results in even greater labor savings and improved process efficiencies over standard bulking equipment.

Fresh or frozen legs, thighs, wings, breast portions and virtually all other poultry products are highly suitable for processing using Gainco's new AccuFill™ LFT bulkers, along with a wide variety of further-processed items. The equipment also handles pork products such as picnic trim, picnic cushions, feet, neck bones and offals, as well as beef trim and offals.

The operation of AccuFill™ LFT bulking systems is easy and highly efficient. Product is fed to the bulking system via a conveyor or other material handling device and then collected in a container that rests on the NTEP-certified scale unit. Once a pre-programmed target weight is achieved, a gate on the buffer hopper closes and the operator adds or removes product to reach the target container weight. Following this, the operator applies the lid and label and slides the container on to the exit conveyor.

The AccuFill™ LFT bulking system continues cycling in this manner until all product has been collected, batched and labeled, or until the end of the shift. A washdown mode feature can be activated at the end of production. These washdown procedures are highly effective and easy due to the "sanitary" open-frame design of the AccuFill™ unit, which also simplifies access for maintenance activities.

In addition to offering swifter processing plus labeling capabilities, the AccuFill™ system's robust communications platform and superior weighing accuracy mean less product "giveaway," along with the capability to have real-time process reporting using Ethernet, RF or WiFi connectivity.

The new AccuFill™ LFT bulking system also features the Gainco Infiniti™ Plus programmable controller, providing today's best protection against washdown water ingress and condensation thanks to a highly durable polymeric housing that protects the weighing apparatus equally well in cold work environments and during hot washdowns and high-pressure washing. The housing is impervious to the harsh washdown chemicals typically used in poultry processing environments. Because of its superior design, the Gainco Infiniti™ Plus controller is NTEP-certified, and has earned the stringent IP69K rating from Underwriters Laboratory for protection against dust and water ingress.

Gainco's Dataman™ Data Collection System, available for use with AccuFill™ LFT bulkers, is a software/hardware combination allowing for the integration of all remote units on the production floor. Operators can set parameters for individual pieces of equipment, monitor yield and throughput, and create customized reports – all from a single location. The data is provided to plant managers and corporate executives via a network interface. The raw data can then be moved into third-party inventory management systems, as well as popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.

The new AccuFill™ LFT bulking system from Gainco integrates seamlessly into existing poultry production operations. For more information on the system, contact Jim Petersen at (770) 534-0703 or e-mail your request to

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