Yieldas225Gainco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of yield management systems and supplier of X-ray and metal detection equipment for meat and poultry processors, introduced Mayekawa’s new YIELDAS 3000 front half deboning system for chicken at the International Processing & Production Expo (IPPE) on January 27-29, 2015 in Atlanta, Ga.
Gainco is Mayekawa’s exclusive authorized distributor of automated deboning equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry in the United States.
The YIELDAS 3000 system incorporates the latest advancements in automated deboning technology for chicken front halves, delivering precision automation, excellent product yields and labor savings to processors. The space-saving, linear-shaped system can process up to 3,000 front half halves per hour (50 front halves per minute).
The YIELDAS 3000 automatically creates filets or a butterfly product once the front halves are fed into the machine. The tenders are precut and removed and the whole wings are discharged.  The carcass is also discharged to render.
The YIELDAS 3000 system can accommodate nearly any size bird, with pre-processed bird weights ranging from approximately 5 lbs. to nearly 8 lbs. and front half weights from 2 lbs. to 3.5 lbs. (900 g. to 1,600 g.).
“Automated simplicity” best describes the way the YIELDAS 3000 operates. The equipment senses even subtle differences in the shape, size and firmness of poultry parts, thanks to the precision measuring capabilities that are integral to the system. Once front halves are loaded, the key function steps include: 

  • Precision shoulder slitting
  • Breast portions are discharged either as filets or butterfly
  • Tenders are discharged
  • Both whole wings are cut and discharged
  • Remaining carcass is discharged to render  

Designed for durable, long-life performance as well as operating efficiency, the YIELDAS 3000 equipment operates extremely well in low-temperature and high-moisture operating conditions. 
The accuracy and efficiency of the system helps deliver significant labor savings to poultry processors, too. Moreover, only minimal training is required to operate the machine.
The YIELDAS 3000 machine weighs approximately 13,230 lbs. and features a space-saving linear footprint:  39 ft. long by 3.5 ft. wide by 9 ft. high. 

For more information contact John Daley, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 800-467-2828 or at  johndaley@gainco.com.