Gainco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of yield management systems and supplier of X-ray and metal detection systems for meat and poultry processors, announces the introduction of the new YieldScan Rapid Yield Analyzer.
This new equipment, which was developed in conjunction with Georgia Tech Research Institute, takes poultry cone line operations to new levels of accuracy and productivity in real-time yield detection management. 
YieldScan employs vision-based detection technology in order to enable many more bird frames to be evaluated.  Its evaluation speed – less than two seconds per frame – represents a dramatic improvement over traditional methods of evaluation.
Among the most important user benefits YieldScan delivers are the following: 

  • Constant data available in real time, solving the problem of “stale” information
  • More flexibility in managing production line personnel and pinpointing performance problems for immediate intervention and attention
  • Creates an environment of improved worker industriousness and conscientiousness
  • The ability to structure incentive pay programs for operating personnel, based on objective data rather than subjective factors

YieldScan’s robust software platform incorporates Yeager Gore scoring for accurate identification of residual meat levels and where they’re located on the frames, so processors can capture accurate information on overall yields, establish benchmarks for productivity, and take quick corrective actions right when the need arises.
Vision-Based Technology Makes the Difference
Many poultry plants that operate cone lines have traditionally faced the challenge of too much meat going to the MDM (mechanical deboning) process and being sold as low-value product.  YieldScan makes it possible to reduce MDM volumes in favor of the amount of high-value meat harvested from each frame.
YieldScan’s near-infrared LED illumination technology enables many more bird frames to be evaluated in real time, at the same time that high-value meat yields are maximized.
The cones are made of a food-safe, high-density polyethylene material that is illuminated via high-intensity NIR LED.  As light passes from the illuminated cone through the meat, there is a direct correlation between the transmitted intensity – the brightness of the light – and the thickness of the meat.
Robust, Real-Time Reporting
The difference between the actual reading and the “expected” reading makes it possible to determine how well individual operators are actually maximizing their meat yields.
The YieldScan system delivers robust statistical information based on many real-time observations.  As a result, processors can avoid making inaccurate or questionable evaluations based on too-small sample sizes.  Performance trend tracking over any period of time – long or short durations – are invaluable for managing cone line efficiencies and product yields better than ever before.
Commenting on the capabilities of the YieldScan Rapid Yield Analyzer, John Daley, director of sales and marketing stated, “It’s said that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  But with YieldScan, we’re making it possible for poultry processors to objectively evaluate their cone line operations and quickly determine areas of improvement.”
“No more scrape tests are needed, there’s no guesswork involved, and managers and workers both can have confidence in the data the YieldScan system gathers,” Daley added.

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