Meghan McDonough

Meghan McDonough has been promoted to microbiology group leader at Cincinnati-based testing laboratory, Q Laboratories Inc. McDonough has worked as a microbiologist at Q Laboratories, Inc. since February 2007. As microbiology group leader, McDonough will be responsible for organizing and scheduling the work load of the section, and assuring that projects are accomplished in a timely and scientifically sound manner. Other responsibilities will be to monitor quality control records, assure that proper records are maintained and studies are conducted in compliance with established standard operating procedures.

Q Laboratories Inc. has served the food, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic, health product and OTC industries since 1966, providing comprehensive analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory services. Q Laboratories, Inc. is an independent laboratory that combines large laboratory capabilities with small business sensibilities to provide exceptional analytical services to help manufacturers of finished products, ingredients and raw materials provide safe, high quality products to consumers around the world.