Andy Hanacek

In politics, they say, it’s often all about whom you know if you want something. Well, in today’s shrinking global communications network, it has become virtually impossible to not know somebody worth something in the long run. The odds of having an insignificant pool of acquaintances are slim — the term “six degrees of separation” today might as well be narrowed down to three degrees. Everyone seems to know everyone.

We’ve become a society that craves connections. Not simply the old-fashioned friends and family connections, or neighbor-to-neighbor connections of yesteryear.

No, in reality, society today wants to be in everyone else’s business.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general, coupled with mobile phones, mobile Internet and even reality TV, demonstrate that, at least in the U.S., people are obsessed with being in contact and knowing the “behind the scenes” realities.

Even some journalists, who previously were simply the byline on a great story, are garnering some celebrity following and interacting with their readers on a more one-on-one basis.

We at The National Provisioner believe in connections — though we won’t be launching any TV shows such as “The Butcher’s Apprentice” or “Survivor: The Union Stockyards” anytime soon. (Though I’m curious who would play the role of Donald Trump in that particular version?)

What I’m referring to is our ability to use our connections in the industry to help our readers connect, in turn, to even better in-the-trenches information.

Sure, we have a Twitter account and a Web site, and you’re welcome to check them out and follow them religiously. But I suspect that the real, useful, solid connections you’ll make in the future with The National Provisioner will revolve even more around our new Editorial Board.

The National Provisioner Editorial Board (members’ bios on page 10) takes our unparalleled access to the entire industry one step further. On a monthly basis, you’ll see in-depth articles, written by our Board members, providing decades worth of experience in the space of a few pages. You’ll see contributions from our Board on our Web site as well, giving you permanent access to their top-notch knowledge.

We’re taking our content to the next level, bringing you even more technical expertise, and we hope you enjoy every bit of it.