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Hi, I’m Jody Horner, President of Cargill Meat Solutions and Business Unit leader for our Case Ready business. I look forward to meeting you. I am also pleased to bring you this special issue of Scope®.

I want you to know that during this turbulent economic period, Cargill Meat Solutions continues to be a strong partner that hasn’t faltered. Despite global uncertainty, Cargill is focused on the fundamentals: we remain committed to delighting you, our customers. We’re not immune to the crisis; we’re just relentlessly determined and optimistic.

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Welcome to Scope

We are pleased to present to you the first issue of Scope, the Cargill Meat Solutions magazine for you, our customers.
“Why is Cargill doing this magazine, and why the name Scope™?” you might ask.
The “why” is related to our desire to inform, inspire and share what we areworking on for you at Cargill. Our desire is to provide forward-thinking and forward-looking information that will be of value to you.

The magazine’s name, Scope, has to do with the range or extent of what we at Cargill wake up every day and try to do—collaborate with you to transform our knowledge and experience into insights that help you succeed.

At Cargill, we summarize that value proposition as “collaborate, create, succeed,” and that’s what we write about in Scope.

We talk about “collaboration” in our story about the Cargill Culinary Innovation Center, which helps us work with you to come up with distinctive products and services. “Create” is highlighted on our story about our new Rumba™ meats, in which we have meticulously developed a branded program for multicultural consumers. And that leads us to “succeed,” which we talk about in the article on the new seasonal grilling cuts.We feel this solution can help your business thrive this grilling season.

We think our go-to-market philosophy is different than our competitors. Our focus is on differentiation—helping you be unique in your own marketplace. Collaborate-create-succeed™ is astrategy that leverages our knowledge and experience throughout the supply chain, and Scope showcases how we have built marketplace solutions for you. We hope you enjoy this first issueand look forward to your feedback.

Bill Rupp
President of Cargill Meat Solutions

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