Want a perfect pot of chicken soup every time with no need to chop, dice or fret? Murray’s Grandma’s Chicken Soup Kit promises a surefire way to whip up this cherished comfort food in no time at all. Included in the kit is an all-natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken already cut up. A sealed pouch contains great-tasting, fresh-cut, all-natural classic soup vegetables, such as carrots, celery chunks, slice onions, potatoes, parsnips, leek and dill. Just add the chicken, fresh vegetables, kosher salt, pepper and little bit of love to a pot of water and follow the no-fail instructions. Murray’s soup kit generously feeds a family of six, and cooks can add noodles, rice or matzo balls to make soup extra hearty, or serve the broth and chicken separately for lighter fare. In keeping with its commitment to the environment, the soup kit packaging is eco-friendly and eliminates the typical foam tray. www.murrayschicken.com