An article in the USA Today questions why a recall of beef from Beef Packers Inc. this August did not include product that was used for the Federal School Lunch Program. The August 6 recall covered only ground beef sent to certain retailers, even though four orders of product for school lunches was produced during the time frame of the recall. One order tested positive forSalmonella newport, and three others tested negative, so those orders were shipped anyway.

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Source: USA Today

Boar's Head launches newsletter

Boar's Head has launched Boar's Head Friends & Family, a free e-mail newsletter showcasing original ways to incorporate deli products into healthy center-of-the-plate main courses, fun side dishes, innovative appetizers, savory soups, fresh salads, and desserts.

Boar's Head Friends & Family provides photo illustrations and instructions for preparing dishes that incorporate Boar's Head meats, cheeses, and condiments with fresh fruits and farm-market vegetables. Recipes are created in the Boar's Head recipe-development kitchen, drawing on some 500 products that are all gluten free, and many that are lower sodium from Ham to Provolone cheese.

Each themed twice-monthly update features seasonal menu solutions and party fare, covering everything from pot luck suppers to romantic dinners, picnics, and much more. Recent issues have featured easy-to-prepare recipes for a kid-friendly Turkey Waffle Sandwich, a Roast Beef and Dried Fruit Salad and a Chunky Pesto Ham and Bean Soup. And, subscribers get recipes immediately for new products, such as the recent slow-cooked EverRoast Oven Roasted Chicken Breast.

Boar's Head Director of Communications RuthAnn LaMore reports, "Our Friends & Family newsletter is designed to show just how much the Boar's Head deli counter is your friend when it comes to creating healthy, enjoyable meals. Our fully cooked deli meats and artisan cheeses make meal designs a cinch and delicious condiments also cut recipe preparation time down dramatically."

Source: Boar's Head Provisions Co.

FSIS issues notice on Canadian imported animals

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued Notice 80-09: Importation of Canadian Cattle, Bison, Sheep and Goats in the United States. This notice provided updated information to FSIS inspection program personnel (IPP) about the receipt, slaughter and inspection of cattle, bison, sheep and goats imported from Canada.

Key points include the following:
* Bovines born after March 1, 1999, arriving from Canada are eligible for slaughter.
* Verification of animals coming from the feedlot refers to activities involving sheep and goats only in this notice and no longer involves bovines.
* IPP are to conduct another awareness meeting at establishments that have chosen to, or that may choose to, receive ruminants from Canada.
* FSIS will no longer hold pregnant bovines.  Pregnant cattle and bison are now eligible for slaughter.
* Collection of fetal bovine serum from the fetuses of Canadian animals is no longer prohibited.

The notice identifies a new a place to send the VS Form 1-27, “Permit for Movement of Restricted Animals”

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Source: American Meat Institute

Cattleman's Beaf Board hires CFO

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board has hired of Katherine Ayers as chief financial officer. As the Board’s CFO, she will be responsible for all of the financial affairs of the Board, including accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, revenue projections, banking, collections and auditing.

“Katherine brings a knowledge of checkoff contractors and state beef councils that is very unique. This knowledge, combined with Katherine’s solid financial experience, makes her a great fit for the position,” says Tom Ramey, CEO for the Beef Board. “Katherine already knows many of the people and processes she will be working with on a regular basis, which will allow her to make an immediate contribution to the Board’s operations. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities.”

Ayers has been contracting with the Board for the past three years to perform contractor compliance audits and state beef council financial reviews.

Source: Cattleman's Beef Board