The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) concluded its three-day trade show, Process Expo 2010, in Chicago July 18-20, with positive feedback from both attendees and exhibitors.

Early assessment from on-site interviews indicated high satisfaction from attendees, citing the variety of solutions and technologies showcased at the show, while exhibitors expressed overall satisfaction with the quality and quantity of leads, the FPSA reported.

"We were aware that starting a show on a Sunday in July could be challenging, but we're thrilled with the positive feedback received so far from both attendees and exhibitors," said David Seckman, president and CEO of FPSA. "We also know from surveys that moving the show back to a timeslot in the fall works better for our members and their customers."

Starting in 2011, Process Expo will be a biennial show in Chicago, covering not only the meat and poultry industries but also the bakery, beverage, dairy, fruit and vegetable industries. The next event is schedule for November 1-4, 2011, and 200 exhibitors have already signed up for the event, reserving 156,400 feet of exhibit space.

"We're extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and support of our new biennial format, starting next year in Chicago," said Scott Scriven, chairman of the FPSA and president of Weber Inc. "We're already over 75 percent sold out and now looking at options to expand in the South Hall of McCormick Place, which is a great place to be," he added.

The following are highlights from some of the Process Expo 2010 exhibitors.

Handtmann Inc.

The Handtmann ConPro-System raises the co-extrusion process to a new technological level and creates completely new applications for sausage production and save up to 40% in productions costs.

The basic components of the Handtmann ConPro System are two vacuum fillers. The master machine continuously conveys the product, while the slave machine accurately feeds the VegaCasing gel to the co-extrusion head. The basic principle of the slave machine is that it offers the option of individually determining the casing thickness and guarantees consistent, measurable application.

The customer not only benefits from less down-time due to the continuous process, but also from the advantages provided by VegaCasing. The considerable savings in casing costs are an important factor, as it is a pure vegetable casing based on alginate which is available in different versions of thickness, color and taste.

Typical applications include fresh breakfast sausage, corn dogs, cocktail wieners, rope sausage, ring sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, snack sticks and salmon sausages.

Handtmann Inc.
1692 Barclay Blvd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 808-1100
Fax: (847) 808-1106


From the smallest restaurant, supermarket or butcher shop to the largest industrial meat processor, Hollymatic has a food former to meet any application requirements. Six different formers are available with varying capacities from 1200 patties per hour to 7800 patties per hour to form and portion beef, poultry, fish, vegetables and more.

Hollymatic machines feature self-feeding product hoppers, patented side notch paper feed systems, and electronic counters/stackers. An optional Roto-Flow Fill System is also available on some models. The Roto-Flow System ensures gentle handling and forming of product. The end result is the best textured gourmet patty that cooks faster, retains its shape, and is more tender than standard patties.

600 E. Plainfield Road
Countryside, IL 60525
(708) 579-3700

JBT FoodTech

JBT FoodTech offers MultiPhase Cooking for food processors.

Achieving the best possible end product combined with enhanced throughput and yield means applying the right heat transfer mechanisms at just the right time. JBT FoodTech has named its process MultiPhase Cooking: a system designed to ensure that the processing line has the right equipment in place to deliver maximum potential. Components of the JBT FoodTech MultiPhase Cooking Systems include the large volume performer Stein THERMoFIN Fryer (TFF), the next-generation spiral oven GYRoCOMPACT II-1000, the continuous belt grill Stein ProGrill and the Stein Charmarker, among other systems. JBT FoodTech also offers custom built ovens through its recent acquisition of Scottish manufacturer Double D Food Engineering. For more details and for information on other processing functions, including coating, frying and filtration, freezing, chilling, portioning and slicing, call 419-626-0304 or

JBT FoodTech
1622 First Street
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 626-0304

NSF International

NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit public health and safety organization.  NSF writes public health standards, conducts safety audits and certifies food, water, organic products and ingredients. A leader in food safety, NSF was the first North American, ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-accredited, third-party certification body to both Safe Quality Food (SQF) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Safety Standards. NSF's worldwide network of established auditors, demonstrated technical expertise and operational capacity enables us to get your audit and certification conducted within 30 to 60 days.  

NSF International
P.O. Box 130140
789 N. Dixboro Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0140
(734) 769-8010 or
(800) NSF-MARK (673-6275)
Fax: (734) 769-0109


Reiser featured its complete line of processing and packaging equipment and solutions at Process Expo. Of special interest to food processors was the versatile Vemag with various attachments allowing it to perform a range of applications.

Reiser demonstrated its Vemag Slice Depositor, which accurately deposits portioned cheese slices directly onto products such as patties and sandwiches. This is the perfect solution to reduce hand labor and automate a production line.

Reiser also demonstrated its gourmet patty forming and packaging line. This system features a Vemag HP30 with an FM 250 patty former. The FM250 is the most flexible solution for high-speed forming of gourmet hamburger patties with a “homemade” look. The formed patties were then automatically indexed and loaded into a Repak RE20 form/fill/seal packaging machine.

725 Dedham Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 821-1290
Fax: (781) 821-1316

Weber Inc.

Weber’s innovative approach to high-speed slicing solutions was again on display in Chicago, where Process Expo attendees were among the world’s first to see and learn how Weber’s compact new CCS 702 Bacon Slicer can help processors increase throughput, yields and slice quality.

Included in Weber’s new bacon-slicing solution is a unique electronic adjustment that continuously monitors and automatically controls the distance between the blade and orifice, ensuring perfectly-edged slices from .5 to 50 mm. Slice quality, as well as on-weight portion consistency, is further assured by Weber’s proprietary idle cut technology and new Weber engineering that optimizes the involutes blade specifically for bacon products.

Weber engineers also designed a unique, computer-controlled system that adjusts the belly, both vertically and horizontally, for ideal slicing position and flawless transfer onto conveyors. Sliced product can be arranged in a wide variety of presentation forms.

Operation of the Weber Bacon Slicer is both straightforward and self-explanatory using the Weber touch screen. Weber’s compact design requires only 38 square feet of floor space.

Weber Inc.
10701 N. Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153
(800) 505-9591
Fax: (816) 891-0074

Wire Belt Co.

Wire Belt Company has been providing high quality open-mesh conveyor belts to the food industry for over 60 years. Wire Belt’s latest innovation CompactGrid conveyor belt is engineered specifically to replace heavier balanced weave belts and difficult to clean plastic modular belts. Engineered with 70 percent open surface area, CompactGrid conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors.

Wire Belt’s entire line of belting products are accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards. This is the only acceptance that can assure you that you have the cleanest, safest conveyor belt available.

Wire Belt Co.
154 Harvey Road
Londonderry, NH 03053
Tel: 603-644-2500
Fax: 603-644-3600