Process Expo/IFT 2010 is the event that protein-industry professionals across the country should attend to find solutions offered by the food industry’s largest collection of processing, packaging and ingredient suppliers. Process Expo/IFT 2010 is scheduled for July 18-20 in Chicago at McCormick Place, where they will be co-located for the first time.

Here are booth previews and product reviews from select Process Expo/IFT exhibitors.

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AZZ | R-A-L Rig-A-Lite

AZZ│RAL Rig-A-Lite products used in food processing facilities are infused with the excellence that our engineering department began by providing the leaders in the food processing industry with solutions to their unique problems. With a global network of electrical and industrial distributors in place and our complete selection of wash-down rated and heavy hose-down rated luminaries, we have the right product for your project. Since 1938, we have consistently out performed our customers’ expectations by providing quality products, fair pricing and on-time shipping. Facility maintenance managers, operations managers, lighting technicians, facility engineers, specifying engineers and electrical contractors around the world depend on our energy efficient and easy to maintain fixtures to keep their wet location, damp location, chemical wash-down, heavy hose-down and hazardous locations well lit and safe. Our WFH fixture is new for this year’s show. It is the only fixture on the market that will replace a 400 watt HID high bay fixture that is rated for Class I, Division 2 Group A,B,C & D environments as well as heavy hose-down.

AZZ | R-A-L Rig-A-Lite
8500 Hansen
Houston, TX 77075
(713) 943-0340
Process Expo Booth #10031

Douglas Machines Corp.

Douglas Machines Corp. offers a full line of automated washing and sanitizing equipment for all containers commonly used in the food processing and distribution industries. Batch and continuous cleaning designs are available for several hundred to several thousand containers per hour. This year’s booth features some of the company’s most popular models: a Roll-in Rack Washer for detachable weigh scale parts (pictured), a Tunnel Washer for Totes, a Barrel/Drum Washer, Bucket Washer and a Rotary Head Belt Washer for open-mesh belts like spiral conveyors.

In addition, the company will be introducing its newest product offering, which is a Linear Head Belt Washer for solid belt applications. A wide variety of other models are available for baskets, pans, trays, molds, lugs, totes, screens, smoke sticks and smoke racks. Call 800-331-6870, or visit to get additional information on a model suited to your specific needs.

Douglas Machines Corp.
2101 Calumet Street
Clearwater, FL 33765
(800) 331-6870 or (727) 461-3477
Fax: (727) 449-0029
Process Expo Booth # N-14018

Grote Co.

Grote Company is featuring its automated sandwich assembly system at Process Expo. Included are Grote’s bread collator and buttering machine, volumetric depositor, slicer/applicator, reciprocating blade cutter and sandwich assembly conveyor. These components are modular and can be used to automate an entire sandwich line or just a single workstation. In addition, Grote is also displaying the latest enhancements to several of its most popular slicers, including the 613-VS2 and 530E Slicer/Applicator. Recent design upgrades offer customers improved sanitation, durability, and performance with these highly versatile, industry-proven slicers. In addition to manufacturing & headquarter facilities in Columbus, Ohio, Grote has manufacturing and sales operations in Iowa (Vanmark Equipment) and the United Kingdom (Advanced Food Technologies and Grote International). Grote’s broad equipment line provides processors with a wide range of solutions to many of today’s toughest applications in the food production industry.

Grote Co.
1160 Gahanna Pkwy.
Columbus, OH 43230
(614) 868-8414
or (888) 53-GROTE (4-7683)
Process Expo Booth #N-13016

JBT FoodTech

JBT FoodTech Offers MultiPhase Cooking for Food Processors.

Achieving the best possible end product combined with enhanced throughput and yield means applying the right heat transfer mechanisms at just the right time. JBT FoodTech has named its process MultiPhase Cooking: a system designed to ensure that the processing line has the right equipment in place to deliver maximum potential. Components of the JBT FoodTech MultiPhase Cooking Systems include the large volume performer Stein THERMoFIN Fryer (TFF), the next-generation spiral oven GYRoCOMPACT II-1000, the continuous belt grill Stein ProGrill and the Stein Charmarker, among other systems. JBT FoodTech also offers custom-built ovens through its recent acquisition of Scottish manufacturer Double D Food Engineering. For more details and for information on other processing functions, including coating, frying and filtration, freezing, chilling, portioning and slicing, call 419-626-0304 or visit

JBT FoodTech
1622 First Street
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 626-0304
Process Expo Booth #N-13003

NSF International

NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit public health and safety organization. NSF writes public health standards, conducts safety audits and certifies food, water, organic products and ingredients. A leader in food safety, NSF was the first North American, ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-accredited, third-party certification body to both Safe Quality Food (SQF) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Safety Standards. NSF’s worldwide network of established auditors, demonstrated technical expertise and operational capacity enables us to get your audit and certification conducted within 30-60 days. Conduct your audit by August 31, 2010 and we’ll take 10% off your cost. Speak with us at IFT Food Expo Booth 2968, visit, or call
(877) 893-1325 for more information.  

NSF International
P.O. Box 130140
789 N. Dixboro Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0140
(734) 769-8010 or (800) NSF-MARK (800-673-6275)
Fax: (734) 769-0109
IFT Food Expo Booth #2968


Quickdraft Systems Eliminate Your Worst Processing Issues!

Since 1953, Quickdraft has used Venturi power to produce pneumatic conveying/exhaust systems and solutions for the meat and poultry industries. Quickdraft exhausters are used on ovens, fryers, freezing tunnels and other types of processing equipment in place of in-line fans, providing powerful but maintenance-friendly exhaust solutions.

Quickdraft exhausters keep the blower and all moving parts out of the air stream and are particularly effective where high temperature and humidity will corrode a fan. They are used in cryogenic applications to keep the exhaust free from excessive ice build-up. Quickdraft demisters reduce grease discharge and help keep your emissions clean.

We also engineer pneumatic conveying systems for MDM bone residue and various edible and inedible products.

1525 Perry Drive SW
Canton, OH 44710-1098
(330) 477-4574
Process Expo Booth #11061


Reiser will feature live demonstrations of its complete line of processing and packaging equipment and solutions. Of special interest to food processors will be the versatile Vemag with various attachments allowing it to perform a range of applications.

Reiser will demonstrate its Vemag Slice Depositor, which accurately deposits portioned cheese slices directly onto products such as patties and sandwiches. This is the perfect solution for reducing hand labor and automate a production line.

Reiser will also demonstrate its gourmet patty forming and packaging line. This system features a Vemag HP30 with an RM250 patty former. The FM250 is the most flexible solution for high-speed forming of gourmet hamburger patties with a “homemade” look. The formed patties are then automatically indexed and loaded into a Repak RE20 form/fill/seal packaging machine.

725 Dedham Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 821-1290
Fax: (781) 821-1316
Process Expo Booth #N-12007

Risco USA

Risco USA of South Easton, Mass., has solutions for all your processing needs, providing a full range of stuffers, mixers and grinders.

The stuffers are servo driven for the best in performance and reliability. At their core, the patented Risco long-life, low-wear product pump provides the best in portion control and quality, while Risco stuffers feature the lowest cost of ownership in their class. In addition, a full range of accessories are available to help you grow your business and extend you product lines with ease.

The Risco mixers have two interleaving paddles and a single end discharge that provide a high dispersion of particulates in a very short mix time while the gentle folding action maintains product quality.

The Risco line of self-feeding grinders have a short barrels and can be fitted with single or multiple plates for maximum flexibility and the best product quality.

When considering new processing equipment, consider partnering with Risco for the road ahead.

Risco USA
60 Bristol Drive
South Easton, MA 02375
(508) 230-3336
Fax: (508) 230-5345
Process Expo Booth #18000

SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring

SlipNOT non-slip stainless-steel products transform slippery food-processing environments into high-traction work areas. They are used by food and beverage facilities to increase productivity and safety while reducing injury and liability. SlipNOT products are very versatile and can be used as floor plates, grating, stair treads, ladder rungs, crossovers, drain-covers and platforms. SlipNOT products are 100% grit free, exceed all standards set by ADA and OSHA and are approved by NSF International. SlipNOT safety products provide a long-lasting, maintenance-free alternative to slippery diamond plate and fiberglass products. Visit us at the Process Expo, Booth #11083

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring
2545 Beaufait St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 923-0400 or (800) SLIPNOT
Fax: (313) 923-4555
Process Expo Booth #11083

Wire Belt Company

Wire Belt Company has been providing high-quality open-mesh conveyor belts to the food industry for over 60 years. Wire Belt’s latest innovation, the CompactGrid® conveyor belt, is engineered specifically to replace heavier balanced weave belts and difficult-to-clean plastic modular belts. Engineered with 70% open surface area, the CompactGrid conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors.

Wire Belt’s entire line of belting products are accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards. This is the only acceptance that can assure that you have the cleanest, safest conveyor belt available.

To learn more about Wire Belt’s complete line of products, including our CarrySmart® conveyors, please stop by Booth #11087.

Wire Belt Company
154 Harvey Road
Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 644-2500
Fax: (603) 644-3600
Process Expo Booth #11087

Wolf-tec Inc.

For more than 33 years, meat and poultry processors from around the world have relied on Wolf-tec to deliver better equipment and smarter solutions. Today, we have evolved into global leaders, ones that constantly deliver the newest and most innovative processing technology to meat and poultry processors worldwide.

Leading brands — including Polar Massagers, Schroder IMAX injectors, Armor Inox automatic thermal processing systems and TVI portioning systems — offer innovation, performance and reliability.

Process control and monitoring is available with PolarVision to provide validation and pro-active control to ensure your process remains within specifications.

Partner with us for brine preparation, injection, marination, maceration, tenderization and portioning systems for improved yields and efficient production of high-quality products.

We are changing the way you do business.

Visit us at Process Expo on Booth 16024.

Wolf-tec Inc.
20 Kieffer Lane
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 340-9727
Fax: (845) 340-9732
Process Expo Booth #16024