Progress by design: Risco USA provides innovated processing solutions for the meat and poultry industry.

The Risco Advanced line of servo drive stuffers has the right stuffer for small to large producers, all of which have the patented long life low wear product pump at their core, providing unequaled accuracy and durability, with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Combined with our many external accessories from a simple cut-off device to the new ARP 125 patty former, many of today’s market needs can be met, while our engineering department can get the extra work done to custom fit the machines to your individual needs.

Whole Muscle Stuffers
The Risco RS2005V is a double vacuum stuffer for the production of all types of deli style products from hams to poultry. The large 18-inch product pump ensures minimal shear of product while the double vacuum system provides an air free product for slicing or for providing a longer shelf life.

Risco was the first manufacturer to make mixers with true interleave on the paddles by lowering one side of the mixing bowl. The result is a mixer that has a single discharge and a mixing time of 96 to 98 percent dispersion in fewer than three minutes without damage to delicate particulates maintaining product quality and reducing processing times.

The new ARP125 provides the means to produce patties in all meat types with a handmade appearance. The simplicity of this machine allows up to 80 pieces per minute with or without paper and or stacking to be produced in an area of just 7 square feet.

Risco has a wide range of accessories to assist you to make your product the way you want to. From cut-offs for direct depositing to complete linking systems for all casing types, Risco has a solution for you.

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