Marlen International, based in Overland Park, Kansas, is recognized as a worldwide leader in designing and building processing equipment for a variety of products including meat, poultry, and fish. Marlen International products are sold in many countries under the brand names Marlen and Carruthers and are used for pumping, portioning, filling, dicing, grinding, slicing, reducing, chilling and cooking food.

Marlen International’s highly engineered products, parts, and field services have been used by blue chip processors for more than 50 years. They provide customers a team of skilled personnel to assist in the planning and implementation of complete processing systems.

Marlen’s products include the world famous Marlen OPTI Series pump that features the twin piston technology and is built to USDA and CE accepted standards. Excellent vacuumization provides the highest density attainable when stuffing that results in better yields and casing savings. Opti pumps handle products ranging from stiff emulsions to whole muscle applications. The gentle handling of products by the Marlen twin-piston design insures the highest quality end product attainable.

Marlen’s Thermal Processing lines, including food processing ovens/smokehouses, blast chill cells, brine chillers and continuous cook systems, are designed to produce product that is uniform in temperature, color and shrink with repeatable results. Marlen’s control systems provide complete data reporting after process.

Carruthers Slicers/Dicers are the industry leader in size reduction equipment. Able to process fresh, frozen or cooked products, the Carruthers line of slicers and dicers are designed to improved yields, reduce labor costs and increase throughput.

Carruthers fillers are designed with Slide-fill filling basin technology that provides the ability to gather large pieces or random/irregular sized products for consistent portioning into container formats with gentle handling to preserve the product integrity and provide excellent product appearance.By Eliminating air through the compression of product, it creates tightly formed portions which in turn can be easily conveyed and transferred into containers cleanly with no seal contamination. Carruthers filling technology forms volumetric shapes for a direct, accurately placed deposit to fit containers resulting in accurate fill weights, achieving a standard deviation of 2% or better. Improved yields, labor savings and high production are the signature of the Carruthers Pak series fillers.

Marlen International. Real Innovation.