Poly-clip System is the world’s leading manufacturer of clip closure systems. Its machines play a major role in enabling meat processors to develop new products and open up new markets.

Since 1922 when the company was founded, Poly-clip System continues to redefine performance limits and introduce a wide variety of advancements in meat-processing equipment. Today’s staff of experienced engineers and equipment designers combine with stable ownership and direction to create a prosperous, dynamic and successful company, ensuring that Poly-clip System will continue its tradition well into the 21st century.

Innovation and reliability are the pillars of the company’s strategy for high customer satisfaction and the guiding principles for our employees and management. Poly-clip System has production facilities in the United States, Germany and Brazil, and subsidiaries in Argentina, Austria, China, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey.

The company offers its customers what they need most—reliability. Poly-clip System is the reliable partner of the meat-processing industry where innovation cycles continue to shorten and where customers demand more efficient and productive solutions to their processing challenges.

Poly-clip System offers the right machine for every application. It produces an amazing variety of highly engineered and reliable machines, clips and loops in various sizes and color schemes. Some machines carry out specific functions: The automatic double clippers of the FCA series are suitable for any artificial, fibrous or collagen casing. The ICA, with the unique Iris separator, deals quickly with large calibers and molded products such as ham, salami or sausage. The line of TSCA automatic clipping/sealing machines for forming and sealing flat roll stock film to a tube offer additional advantages for automation.

Other machines can do a multitude of functions: The PDC 600/700 semi-automatic and PDC-A automatic double clippers produce all kinds of single sausages and sausages in a chain, as well as rings and half rings, in either natural or artificial casings. The Poly-clip System is used to make a wide variety of products, such as sausage and deli products, ham and cheese products as well as all types of poultry items.

Poly-clip System USA was founded in 1977, led by President Gil Williams and is headquartered in Mundelein, Illinois.