NuTEC offers an operator friendly, completely hydraulic, multi-hole patty former. The NuTEC 750 provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage and rapid changeover in a state-of-the-art machine, offering reduced downtime and minimal maintenance. A rotation spiral gently moves the products to a rotary vane pump, eliminating overworking, bridging and backflow while maintaining texture. The 750 vane pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and can portion certain items at over 4,800 pounds per hour.

NuTEC Mfg.: (815) 722-2800 or visit

Tray Sealer
Seal almost any shape or size tray using the compact Ishida QX tray sealer. One-button changeovers make the sealer ideal for flexible production of deli meats, fresh and frozen meat and poultry, soups, vegetables, and multi-compartment meals. Ishida’s touchscreen control stores operating configurations for each filler and tray. Models are available for medium-speed manual loading or fully automated sealing of up to 200 trays per minute. MAP functions include gas flushing, vacuum-gassing, or seal-only operation.

Heat and Control Inc.: (800) 227-5980 or visit

The Hollymatic Hi-Yield 16-5000, with state-of-the-art electrical controls, optimizes the use of power, resulting in reduced energy costs of up to 11 percent. It is a competitively priced high-speed, high-yield saw for fresh and frozen meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. A standard Quick Stop Brake stops the blade within 1 second of shut-off to dramatically reduce risk of injury, and the saw engages the stop break when either one of the two doors are opened.

Hollymatic: (708) 579-3700 or visit

Depositing Station
The new Handtmann 445 multi-lane filling station delivers the industry’s most precise portioning and cleanest dosing of free-flowing products. It portions pasty, non-fibrous products through two to five lanes into filling bowls and trays, operating in seamless combination with almost all packaging machines and conveyor belt configurations. Handmann 445 dosing valves can be continuously adjusted with a variety of different mold inserts and delivers unmatched portioning accuracy, powerful air evacuation and precise weights.

Handtmann Inc.: (847) 808-1100 or visit

Meat Culture
Danisco has added a valuable new advantage to its TEXEL range of maturation and surface cultures for cured processed meats following halal certification of its plant in Dangé Saint Romain in France. Proven to give cured meats an appealing taste, colour and texture throughout shelf life, the cultures can now bring that high-performing functionality to halal meat products. TEXEL cultures are well suited to cured poultry and beef products.

Danisco: +45 3266 2000 or visit

Label Printer
ID Technology offers an auto-redundant label print and apply system for harsh environments. This system utilizes two Model 250 Label Printer Applicators. When one labeling head is off-line for label and ribbon replenishment, the second head is triggered for immediate operation. A stainless steel cabinet protects both units from harsh or wash-down environments. Each unit is mounted on a swivel mechanism that allows the unit to swing out of the cabinet for service and maintenance.

ID Technology: (888) 438-3242 or visit

Mettler Toledo introduces the BBA226 stainless steel bench scale—a perfect fit for many applications in any industrial environment, with light hose down requirements. The BBA226 is a robust, rugged and cost effective multi-functional stainless steel scale offering both aluminum or stainless steel load cells to best match your application. It is designed for a wide range of weighing tasks from out-of-the-box simple straight weighing, to over/under checkweighing, product classifying, and even counting.

Mettler Toledo: (614) 438-4511 or visit

Lighting"> Introduces Two Foot UV Explosion Proof Light for curing, pest control and germicidal applications Larson Electronics’"> adds a 34-watt explosion proof ultraviolet (UV) light to its range of specialty lighting for hazardous locations. The EPL-24-2L-UV is available with UVA, UVB or UVC configurations and works on 120V-277V 50/60Hz. The light offers specific configurations for the ultraviolet wavelengths in the A (315-400nm), B (280-315nm) or C (100-280nm) bands.">: (800) 369-6671 or visit

Digital Positioner
Spirax Sarco is helping instrumentation users reduce their energy consumption with their ultra-efficient new SP400 and SP500 positioners. These new smart digital positioners consume approximately 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner and have class-leading low impedance helping to save on controller power. The SP400 has a very simple menu system and can perform an auto-stroke calibration at the press of a single button resulting in reduced commissioning time.

Spirax Sarco: (803) 714-2000 or visit

Suction Cup
Piab offers its piGRIP suction cup, the first modular suction cup on the market, allowing companies to choose the ideal combination of lip and bellow so packaging lines can handle products at previously unprecedented speeds while realizing energy savings. The piGRIP can be tailored to individual gripping, lifting and height requirements to handle a variety of products and fit with a number of packaging machines, including robotic arms, rotary cartoners, labelling machines and carton erectors.

Piab: (781) 337-7309 or visit

Infeed System
Bosch Packaging Technology has launched the Pack Feeder 4 portfolio of infeed systems, offering a cost-effective solution that ensures efficient performance. The new feeders are ideal for packaging bakery and confectionery items, as well as products in plastic, cardboard trays, and some non-food products. The Pack Feeder 4 infeed systems are available with conveyor belts in various layouts and lengths in order to meet individual production needs.

Bosch Packaging Technology: (715) 246-6511 or visit