Turkeyhock/neck cutter

Jarvis manufactures the Model CPP pneumatically powered hock and neck cutter for turkey, goose, duck and ostrich. Jarvis’ CPP, the most durable, trouble-free hock and neck cutter available, is constructed from rugged, corrosion-resistant materials for optimum hygiene and easy maintenance. The CPP does not use springs. A pneumatic blade closing/opening procedure operates the blades, ensuring no down time due to spring failure. All air pressure is converted into cutting force.

Jarvis Products Corp.: (860) 347-7271 or visit www.jarvisproducts.com


Bacon Packaging

Multivac has introduced its R 595 system for efficient, precision packaging of bacon. One machine version, with a footprint of approximately 16 feet, will be equipped with a one-track tooling. The second, which will be equipped with a two-track tooling, will have a footprint of approximately 23 feet. This machine generates an output of 120 packs/minute. The forming station is placed within the machine, offering ample loading area for manual loading despite the limited footprint.

Multivac Inc.: (816) 891-0555 or visit www.multivac.com


Rotary Chamber Machine

Rollstock’s new RC-300 Rotary Chamber Machine features a 304L stainless steel modular frame with the ability to accept a multitude of chamber configurations (widths and lengths) and sealing profiles (single, double or custom seal impressions) and sealing widths up to 24 inches long. The RC-300's patented constant temperature sealing system allows for the capability of sealing through the thickest bags, through contaminants, and through excessive folds and wrinkles.

Rollstock Inc.: (888) 314-2152 or visit www.rollstock.com



Heat and Control’s Breaded Products Fryer fries coated and uncoated seafood, poultry, meats, vegetables and other prepared foods. It delivers higher output in the same or less floor space than an existing direct-heated fryer, because cooking oil is heated outside the fryer using an external heat exchanger. The fryer and heat exchanger are sized separately. Product throughput determines fryer size, while heat exchanger size is dictated by the heat load – for present and future production.

Heat and Control Inc.: (510) 259-0500 or visit www.heatandcontrol.com


Intervention Cabinet

New Intervention Cabinets from Hollymatic help protect meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables from pathogens and provide safer finished products for consumers. Guardian Intervention Cabinets feature wash-down 316 stainless steel, a wash-down 230-volt, 3-phase, stainless steel gear box, a variable speed Intralox conveyor belt, top and bottom spray coverage using five nozzles and an accurate, user-friendly chemical mixing pump assembly. They are available in two sizes.

Hollymatic: (708) 579-3700 or visit www.hollymatic.com



Shat-R-Shield has expanded its line of shatter-resistant compact fluorescent lamps, now offering a broader choice for customers looking for energy efficiency and safety. The new selection includes CFL PARs, Globes, Reflectors and higher-wattage Twists. If accidentally broken, virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury are safely contained within the clear and tough, skin-tight plastic coating. Shat-R-Shield’s safety coating is optically clear and is the only silicone coating that blocks over 97% of damaging Ultra Violet light.

Shat-R-Shield: (800) 223-0853 or visit www.shatrshield.com



Dynamic Conveyor Corp. will unveil the new DynaClean conveyor system at PackExpo 2011 in Las Vegas. DynaClean conveyors are easy to clean and offer flexibility in configuration and reconfiguration not possible with traditional stainless steel conveyors. DynaClean conveyors are ideal for food and other applications where cleanliness and sanitation are required. Offering a conveying solution that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, the layout and configuration can be changed when food processing or packaging needs change.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.: (800) 640-6850 or visit www.dynamicconveyor.com

Savory Flavor

“Flavors from the Kitchen” by Red Arrow recreates home-cooked and chef-prepared flavors that capture the true essence of cooking methods. The range of authentic flavors includes: grill, roast, char, sauté, caramelize and fry. Red Arrow’s newest addition to their Flavors From the Kitchen, Grandma’s Natural Pot Roast Flavor, is reminiscent of a slowly cooked, juicy pot roast. This beefy flavor captures the true nuance of tender roast beef with characteristic browned notes.

Red Arrow Products Co. LLC: (920)769-1227 or visit www.redarrowusa.com


Stretch Wrapper

ITW Muller introduces the latest addition to its Octopus line of automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers- the Octopus 505 AL. The 505 AL is ideal for food and beverage manufacturers looking to increase productivity without compromising cost. An upgrade from the Octopus 303, the 505 AL is still compact but allows for the stretch wrapping of larger loads. In addition, its simple design and flexible network increases its overall versatility.

ITW Muller: (800) 628-6787 or visit www.itwmuller.com



Tested for performance, consistency and compliance, PristineFG food-grade lubricant for rotary compressors is a long-lasting synthetic lubricant that maintains food product quality and increases equipment performance. Sullair’s PristineFG outperforms traditional mineral oils, extends equipment life and minimizes consumption, all while complying with current FDA and USDA H1 regulations. It has been formulated to provide enhanced lubrication at high and low temperature variations and under extreme conditions. Furthermore, PristineFG has received Kosher and Halal approval.

Sullair Corp.: (219) 879-5451 or visit www.sullair.com



Freeaire Refrigeration has innovatively realized technology that allows cold outside air to be used for inside cooling, reducing energy consumption in refrigeration by cutting component run-times 50 to 90 percent. Freeaire manufactures energy-efficient commercial refrigeration systems for walk-in coolers, freezers and cold storage warehouses. Every Freeaire refrigeration system has the patented electronic Cooler Controller, a powerful computer that maximizes efficiency by operating each component of a conventional refrigeration system only as much as needed.

Freeaire Refrigeration: (802) 496-5205 or visit www.freeaire.com

Salt Replacement Ingredient

LycoRed introduces LycoRed SANTE, a patented and natural tomato concentrate designed to successfully enhance taste and flavor, in place of artificial flavor components or flavor enhancers. SANTE can be used for salt taste enhancement and reduction of expensive, flavor components in food products. LycoRed SANTE can be used to enhance flavor and thereby reduce the amount of salt added to a product. LycoRed SANTE is available in liquid form or as a free-flowing powder.

LycoRed: (866) LYCORED or visit www.lycored.com



Alvey Robotics from Intelligrated, operating on industry-standard controls, enable customers to deploy efficient and repeatable robotics solutions that seamlessly integrate with other line equipment. Alvey robotics system capabilities include EOATs (end of arm tools), case unscramblers, automated pallet or sheet dispensers, infeed conveyors for single or multiple lines, full-load pallet discharge conveyors, sortation solutions, advanced PLC control systems, vision systems as well as stretchwrapper integration.

Intelligrated: (877) 315-3400 or visit www.intelligrated.com


Hot Dog Grill

C. Cretors and Co. introduces its Stackable Hot Dog Grill. Available to accommodate all Cretors grills, the stacking unit integrates the grills into a single unit, doubling production capacity while occupying minimal counter space. Cretors Stackable Hot Dog Grill increases cooking capacity by allowing two grills to be stacked in the space of one. As opposed to other grills which expand horizontally across a counter, the stacking feature allows users to expand grilling surfaces vertically.

C. Cretors and Co.: (773) 588-1690 or visit www.cretors.com


Batching Controller

Mettler Toledo has introduced the new IND780batch stand-alone batch controller which combines advanced batching control technology while adhering to the ISA SP-88 Batch Standard. IND780batch optimizes batch processes with consistent, accurate material transfers, to minimize material waste, improve batch quality, and yield increased profits. It is a powerful and flexible stand-alone terminal for single or multi-scale batching applications. Multi-material automatic batching control handles up to 28 automatic materials with recipe-specific control.

Mettler Toledo: (614) 438-4511 or visit www.mt.com/industrial


Washer Compactor

The Duperon Washer Compactor is a simple, non-batching process unit that efficiently

cleans and compacts screenings of less than 4 inches at rates of up to 60 cu. ft/hour. The core of the compactor’s simplicity is found in its dual auger system, which utilizes thermal-mechanical dynamics to enable absorption of grease into the debris’ naturally occurring fibrous materials. Additionally, the positive displacement employed by the dual augers ensures that what comes in, goes out.

Duperon: (989) 754-8800 or visit www.duperon.com



Stainless steel transition fittings are now available for connecting Viega’s ProPress system to existing piping systems in commercial and industrial facilities. The transition fittings enable installers to connect directly from either welded pipe systems or grooved pipe systems. The stainless steel transition fittings are made from either high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel and come with an EPDM sealing element. Six sizes enable connections to both welded pipe systems and grooved pipe systems.

Viega: (866) 766-7805 or visit www.viega.com


Industry News

John Bauer, president and CEO of Basic Food International, has been appointed to the U.S. Agricultural Advisory Committee, which resides under the direction of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in coordination with the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). Bauer and other appointees will perform duties on a consultancy basis and advise the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative on issues concerning Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Bauer says, “This appointment is certainly an honor for me and I will devote my energy and experience to fulfill its potential. This is the second time I have been called to serve our country with the first being to serve in World War II in the Military Intelligence Service of the U.S. Army.”

American Pasteurization Company (APC) has appointed Scott R. Kossoris, CPA, to chief financial officer. In this role, Kossoris will develop financial analyses and models that help gauge and forecast overall business growth. Additionally, Kossoris will be engaged on a day-to-day basis, evaluating the company’s business models and helping to facilitate key business discussions.

“I was looking for a business partner who brings both financial and business sensibilities to our leadership team,” said Justin Segel, CEO of APC. “With Scott’s diverse background – that includes operations management, finance and food industry experience – he adds an important dimension to our team as we prepare for a period of aggressive growth. His experience not only equips him to provide financial leadership, but brings a new perspective on our overall business decisions.”

APC is the first company in the United States to offer high pressure processing (HPP), a post-packaging pasteurization technique, on a commercial tolling basis to the food manufacturing industry.


The Board of Directors of Bar-S Foods elected Warren Panico to serve as president and chief operating officer. Warren will report to Chairman & CEO Tim Day and will gradually assume all responsibilities for the day-to-day operations of the company and its seven brands. He has a proven track record and extensive experience as a senior executive at Bar-S Foods for the last 14 years. In his past roles, Warren was responsible for managing the operations and distribution functions, and more recently, for overseeing the sales and marketing activities.

“Warren’s appointment is an important step to ensure that our organization is properly structured for the future with sound leadership succession in place,” said Day. “We are certain that Warren’s vast experience and capabilities will prove invaluable in this new position.”


(story at http://www.cooperfarms.com/content.asp?content=2&page=163 -- pull logo/image?)

Cooper Farms Cooked Meats hosted an open house and ribbon cutting for its recent 50,000 square foot expansion at its plant in Van Wert, Ohio. Jim, Dianne and Gary Cooper, owners, along with Greg Cooper, plant manager, and Dale Hart, general manager of processing all took part in the ribbon cutting for the addition.

Jim Cooper kicked things off, welcoming the nearly 75 people in attendance, including Rep. Lynn Wachtmann (R-Napoleon).

"I want to thank the Cooper family; Jim, Dianne and Gary for their commitment to this area," Wachtmann said. "They are a shining example to the greatness of our free enterprise system. They attract high quality people, treat their team members great and grow as a team and a company. That benefits all of us in northwest Ohio."

The expansion will allow Cooper Farms to increase its Clean Room Slicing (CRS) capacity. Clean Room Slicing (CRS) is a method of slicing and packaging cooked deli meat in an extremely clean environment, producing high quality sliced product for customers. Prior to the expansion, Cooper Farms had one CRS room which contained two lines.

The first phase of the expansion provided room for an additional Clean Room Slicing line. This phase was completed in June and production began the first week of July. The second phase is set to be completed in October. This phase will complete the areas outside of the completed slicing line, and add room for three more CRS or high pressure processing (HPP) lines to be added in the future.


Tyson Foods is proceeding with a multi-million dollar renovation at one of its Council Bluffs, Iowa, plants. Tyson plans to spend $48 million to convert the current cooked meats facility at 2101 South 29th Street into a dry sausage and pepperoni operation.

The Council Bluffs plant will become Tyson’s fifth dry sausage and pepperoni operation. The plant conversion will involve the installation of new equipment and product flows, as well as a 60,000 square foot addition. The multi-million dollar renovation is part of Tyson’s strategic effort to help meet total demand in the areas of pepperoni and pizza toppings.

“This is a major investment we believe will help us maintain our position as a leader in pepperoni production,” said Boyd Bulger, senior vice president and general manager of Prepared Foods for Tyson Foods. “Council Bluffs is the right location for this project, because of the existing facility and excellent workforce, its proximity to raw material supplies and the access to interstate highways.”

The facility will be temporarily closed in October, and the renovation is expected to be completed by next spring.


Supplier News

Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions to the protein industry, announced a definitive agreement to acquire Chad Co., a Kansas-based manufacturer specializing in automated washing and pasteurizing systems for meat harvesting and processing operations. Chad will become Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko company. Birko will be combining its current equipment division into Chad Equipment, LLC, headquartered in Olathe, Kan.

“We are delighted to be adding Chad’s equipment expertise to the Birko portfolio of food processing and safety capabilities,” said Mark Swanson, CEO of Birko. “This provides an exciting opportunity for our customers as two of the best known food safety companies in the protein industry team up to offer integrated solutions in both chemistry and equipment.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Chad Co. President Mike Gangel will stay on as Chad’s president for an extended period of time.

“We are thrilled about this opportunity to team up with Birko,” Gangel said. “Our harvest and processing equipment line blends well with Birko’s chemical dispensing equipment and will give customers a comprehensive resource for their equipment needs.”

Birko has also launched a new corporate website, The Birko Advantage, a total integrated food safety solution of chemistry, equipment and technology.

“The Birko Advantage is a revolution in food safety,” said Kelly Green, owner and chairman of the board. “We’re building on our legacy of providing innovation through green/sustainable chemistry and customized equipment, all to help customers meet HACCP and SSOP standards and maximize their return on investment.”

The website can be viewed at www.birkocorp.com. The Birko Advantage can be viewed at www.birkocorp.com/birko-advantage.


Mepaco is now represented by Sulmaq (Guapore´, RS) in Brazil. Founded in 1971, Sulmaq is a well-known, highly respected company that offers complete solutions for slaughter, deboning, and further processing throughout Latin America. In partnering with Sulmaq, Mepaco is proud to be represented by such a strong name in the industry, Mepaco stated. Sulmaq has a firm commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service.


Middleby Corp. has acquired the Maurer-Atmos smoking and processing equipment, headquartered in Reichenau, Germany. With this latest acquisition, The brands of Middleby Food Processing Equipment Group include Alkar, Cozzini, Danfotech, Maurer-Atmos, MP Equipment and Rapidpak.

“We are certain that with the high quality and reputation that Maurer-Atmos has had for many years combined with the Middleby commitment, we will support and satisfy the needs of our global customer base,” said Ivo Cozzini, group president of sales and marketing, and Magdy Albert, president of manufacturing and operations.


Scott Seymour has joined Marel as the central territory sales manager in the Fresh Meats Division. He will be responsible for developing new equipment and software sales and for serving Marel fresh meats customers in the central region (Iowa, Minn., Mo., Mich., Southern Ill. and Southern Ind.).

In 1988, he joined Townsend Engineering where he served the company in several sales related positions over a 15-year period. After leaving Townsend, Scott operated his own company for a few years before joining Reiser as a territory sales manager. He worked for Reiser for four years.

“We are thrilled that Scott is joining our team and are confident that his industry knowledge, experiences and relationships will translate into increased sales and satisfied customers,” noted Kent Sliffe, VP of Fresh Meat Sales.


Multivac has acquired Spain’s Mobepack Sistem S.L., a transaction which substantially expands the company’s market position on the Iberian Peninsula. Terms of the purchase agreement provided ownership of Mobepack Sistem S.L. to be transferred to Multivac Packaging Systems España.

Mobepack employs approximately 80 staff members, all of whom will be integrated into the Spanish distribution and service business of Multivac Spain. The manufacturing capacity of Mobepack Sistem will continue to be used within the Multivac group of companies.

“The management and staff of Mobepack Sistem welcome this investment by Multivac, the market leader, and we are convinced that Mobepack Sistem can continue fully developing its potential within the Multivac group of companies,” said Francisco Monente, the company’s previous owner. Monente will continue running Mobepack as it is integrated into Multivac Packaging Systems España, and will thereafter be joint chief executive officer of Multivac Spain.

“Mobepack has a good market position on the Iberian Peninsula. We are pleased to be able to welcome such a competent partner into our group, as it empowers us to offer our clients in Spain and Portugal even better service,” added Emilio Hernández, CEO of Multivac Spain.

The Mobepack acquisition has also provided Multivac with distribution authority for Weber slicing technologies on the Iberian Peninsula. Multivac and Weber have collaborated on more than 1,500 automated slicing and packaging installations worldwide.


Foodmate US Inc., the North American distributor for Netherland-based Foodmate B.V., has named Paul Breure as its technical services manager. In his position, Breure uses his technical expertise to assist the company’s sales managers and customers. He oversees sales engineering, project management and new product implementation.

Having worked for several large poultry processing equipment companies in the U.S. and Europe over the last 20 years, Breure has a thorough knowledge of processing plant operations. He has served in many capacities including project manager, service manager, and international field technician.



Provisur Technologies will come to the Process Expo highlighting the capabilities of its Beehive, Cashin, Formax and Weiler family of brands. In doing so, this important exhibit will bring forth the broadest platform of automated grinding, mixing, separating, meat recovery, forming and slicing equipment. And as a partner with completely integrated solutions from raw material to finished products, Provisur states that its ability to maximize future opportunities through ingenuity and advanced technology makes this year’s exhibit a must see. The company will be exhibiting at Process Expo Booth #3723.


The National Poultry & Food Distributors Association has announced its scholarship winners for 2011-2012. Every year, NPFDA awards scholarships to four outstanding students who are enrolled full-time pursuing an agriculture, poultry or food science (related) degree.

The recipients for this year are:

♦ Michelle Janik, Oregon State University, Animal Science/Poultry/ Pre vet– Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

♦ Philip Wise , Pennsylvania State University, Agricultural Sciences - William Manson Family Memorial Scholarship

♦ George Ethan Kilcrease- Poultry Science/Pre-Vet, Auburn University- Alfred Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

♦ Amy Marie Vansa- Poultry Science, Texas A & M - NPFDA Scholarship

♦ Sheilena Brookshire- University of Georgia – Avian Biology– Alternate

The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) and the Canadian Meat Science Association (CMSA) are both involved in organizing several conferences of mutual interest to each other’s memberships. As part of a new co-operation agreement, members from both associations are encouraged to attend these conferences.

“Attending each other’s conferences is a great way to increase communication and opportunities for collaboration” says Benjy Mikel, AMSA president. One such conference is the 58th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, or ICoMST 2012, in Montreal.

“We are very proud to be hosting ICoMST 2012 in Canada and look forward to seeing many AMSA members in Montreal next August” says Brian Sullivan, CMSA president.

Information on ICoMST and other meat science meetings can be found on both the AMSA (www.meatscience.org) and CMSA (www.cmsa-ascv.ca) web sites. Some of these include:

  • Sept. 20-22, 2011, AMSA Pork 101, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • Oct. 6-7, 2011, Canadian Meat Council (CMC) Technical Symposium on Pathogen Reduction, Toronto, Ontario
  • Oct. 18-20, 2011, AMSA Pork 101, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma