With the introduction of Team Poultry, Formax is doubling down on its efforts to educate and serve poultry processors internationally about the latest forming technologies. Formax, a leader in poultry forming with in-depth experience in everything from emulsified to whole muscle poultry, was first to create a chicken patty and chicken nugget.

“We created Team Poultry to reach out, inform and enable more processors to discover the superior versatility, productivity and lower cost of ownership that Formax has to offer, said Brian Sandberg, global product manager. “The higher speed, throughput and reliability of forming systems, like the Maxum700, means we can offer 40 to 45 percent more capacity than other technologies and often reduce requirements for second systems.”

Team Poultry provides one-on-one consultations with insights and tips on how to innovate and create superior poultry products. To this end, Formax has enhanced its poultry forming capabilities with three different fill systems, three different water spray systems and natural look of True-Sculpt. The Verti-Form filling system produces chicken nuggets, patties, tenders and more. The Port-Fill filling system is ideal for natural muscle breast shapes, and Standard-Fill for traditional chicken patties. True-Sculpt tooling creates whole muscle products with natural top and bottom contours and is the industry’s leading solution for producing 3-D chicken patties, boneless wings and selects that look “hand cut."

To arrange a personal conference with Team Poultry, email Tom Tonra at tom.tonra@provisur.com. For more information contact Provisur Technologies | Formax, 9150 191st Street, Mokena, IL 60448 (near Chicago); Phone: 708-479-3500; E-mail: formaxinfo@provisur.com.