Meritech Inc. Introduces New Employee Hygiene Equipment

Meritech Inc. developed the new 500EZ to complement its current line of CleanTech Automated Handwashing and sanitizing systems.  The new 500EZ was designed for companies with space and budget restrictions. This fully stainless steel, water tight, wall-mounted system operates in the same fashion as the other CleanTech models, using no-touch, rotating cylinders to perform each handwash more effectively and faster than a typical manual handwash.  The new system is being introduced into the market for $2,795 which includes four gallons of hand soap and all freight charges!
ProTech Solution – Walk Thru Hand & Boot Washer
The ProTech Solution provides a fully automated and consistent cleansing, leaving employee hands and boots clean and sanitized at the same time .  The ProTech moves large numbers of people quickly and efficiently, up to 20 employees per minute.  This system is also available in a “hands only” model.  By automating the hand and boot-washing procedure, companies will incur less labor expense and less mess.  Priced to meet any budget, this is an excellent investment for companies dealing with a high volume of employees per shift.
The Meritech Bootwasher – MBW2
Meritech has redesigned its popular Boot Washing System.  It now has a smaller footprint and is available with different vertical brush heights.  The three vertical long-lasting nylon brushes clean boot tops and sides and are available in 3, 6, or 9- inch heights.  In addition, the horizontal Nylon brush scrubs hard to clean boot soles.  The unit is activated by a pushbutton control located on the handrail.  It is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and hygienically designed to provide quick and highly effective boot scrubbing and sanitizing in the workplace.  The MBW2 is also more cost effective than other boot washers on the market.