Stabilising Elements

Emech launches Steam Water Mixer — a simple, smart solution.
In early 2003, Emech Control introduced the ceramic disc water-mixing system to the North American market, which focuses on solving temperature variance issues in the beef slaughter industry. Variable pressures previously resulted in unstable output temperatures, which conversely resulted in product spoilage and wasted water and energy. The Emech system is unique in that it can cope with pressure imbalances and react within 1.2 seconds to return to a setpoint within 0.9ºF. It does not require pressure balancing valves.
This patented system has been accepted by the top-three meat processors in the United States, and it has been proven to provide increased production output, increased yield, and savings in water and energy.
Steam-Water Mixer: AMI launch
Emech will launch its first patented F5 steam-water mixer at the AMI Innovation Showcase in Nashville, TN. This mixer is based on the same patented features of the F3 water mixer. The design is based on a shear action disc and an in-valve temperature probe. The combination of these features together with a fast and precise electric actuator will provide unsurpassed accuracy for temperature control.
“The development of this steam-water mixer now brings our water-mixing technology to a new level. We can not only blend water to provide critical water temperature, but we now have a similar system to heat fluid with steam. In both instances we have a solution to provide precise temperatures quickly and accurately” says David Parkinson, Emech vice president sales and marketing. “What this means is that for specific applications within a plant, the simple Emech stand-alone unit provides tight controls to processes where this was previously difficult. This directly offers higher yield and a better use of limited resources.”
Emech currently has a 1-inch by 1-inch  “steam water system that can accommodate up to 145 psig saturated steam. A 2-inch by 2-inch system will be launched in the coming months.
Both steam-water and water-mixer technology are being presented at the Birko Corporation stand, located at booth 303 at the AMI show.
For further information contact: Birko Corporation, phone (800) 525-0476 or Emech Control (866) 583 9248.