Magic for Meat

Wix-Fresh™ is magic for meat. It extends the shelf life of fresh, frozen, pre-cooked, and further-processed meats; masks soy and other off notes in meat applications; and reduces “warmed over” flavor in meats.
The innovative R&D team at Wixon Fontarome developed Wix-Fresh™ as a flavor modifier to enhance, mask, as well as stabilize meat products’ natural color and flavor. It comes in liquid or powder form, is a natural flavor, allows a clean product label, and is used in a ratio of .25 pounds to 100 pounds of meat.
Wix-Fresh Mimic is the answer to flavor problems associated with listeria growth inhibitors. It masks off notes and stabilizes the natural flavor of meat notes.
This product also masks undesirable flavors associated with using potassium chloride in reduced/low-sodium applications. It’s available in liquid or dry form, labeled as a natural flavor or spice extractive, and usage is .10 to .30 percent in finished product.
Mag-nifique® Flavor Technologies overcome fundamental flavor problems. They reduce or eliminate excess bitterness, acidity, saltiness, sourness, and sweetness. They mask beany, grainy, and off flavor notes. They can add desirable mouthfeel in low-fat systems. Mag-nifique products function at low levels, are easy to apply, don’t affect nutritional or labeling claims, and work in a wide variety of applications. Wixon Fontarome, phone (800) 841-5304, or visit or
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