KFIC Showcasing Ingredients During IFT Show

Kraft Food Ingredients Corp.’s (KFIC) wide variety of nutrition-friendly savory favors can help food manufacturers keep pace with the increasing demand for great-tasting prepared foods with improved nutritional benefits. During the Institute of Food Technologists’ convention this July in New Orleans, KFIC will highlight many of it’s nutrition-friendly flavors, including their line of Grill Flavor® and Flavors of Cooking™ products in innovative, on-trend applications at Booth 3427.
As the pioneer in Flavors of Cooking™ and the inventor of Grill Flavor® in 1986, KFIC relays it provides a wide variety of authentic-tasting flavors that can be used in formulations that require lower fat, carbs, calories, or trans fats, making them the best-tasting solution for meeting nutritional formulation requirements. Not only can many of KFIC’s savory flavor products address current nutritional formulation challenges, they also cost-effectively provide on-trend Flavors of Cooking™ profiles like grill, roast, fried, and sautéed. For product specifications and samples of Kraft flavors, phone Mike Veal at (901) 381-6543, or visit www.kraftfoodingredients.com NP