Treif offers the Divider 400 slicer, which is capable of slicing a wide variety of products from whole-muscle meats to deli meats and cheese. With a maximum knife speed of 400 rpm, and its large infeed chamber, the Divider 400 can produce up to 1,200 slices per minute when slicing multiple products. The integrated elevator table rises toward the knife for the initial slide and lowers for each subsequent slice to provide uniform stacking.
Treif USA Inc., phone (203) 929-9949, or visit

Formax™ offers several new slicing systems, including the SNS® Slicing System, Fxplus® PartyPak, and DSPlus™ Depositing System. The computerized SNS® system uses 3-D imaging to facilitate critical slicing decisions without guesswork. The PartyPak conveying system, built into the slicer, offers unlimited patterns and presentations for party packs, deli packs, cheese, and sandwich setups. The depositing system provides accurate weight and portion control and precise slice counts with shaved product.
Formax® Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, or visit

SaniCrete, a flooring line manufactured and installed by Kwasny Co., is a heavy-duty polyurethane flooring system designed for food and beverage processing plants to provide resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. The sanitary, non-slip, odor-free flooring system can be installed over damp or dry concrete and has a one-step application and rapid cure time. Five different types of SaniCrete are available, from 20mm systems to 3/8-inch systems for areas with heavy-duty usage.
Kwasny Co., phone (248) 893-1000, or visit

Uni-Chains introduces the newest member of the company’s plastic modular belt program for the meat industry, the uni X-MPB. It offers a strong, heavy-duty design that allows for higher load/impact without breakage. The uni X-MPB has a large pitch size of 2.5 inches and is available in widths from 3 inches to 118.8 inches.
uni-chains, phone (800) 937-2864, or visit

Case Erector
The O/K International Corp. OK Superformer 2 can erect up to 28 cases per minute with its two alternating vacuum heads. Standard specifications include automatic box squaring, low taper or box alarm, one turn of a handle to change four adjustment points, and stainless steel construction. Benefits include increased production efficiency and flexibility, and consistency for automatic lines and enhanced cosmetics. All O/K case erectors are equipped with Allen Bradley controls.
O/K International Corp., phone (508) 303-8286, or visit
Intended for use by slaughterhouses, meat processors, and meat packers, DayMark’s Carcass Label is FDA-compliant for direct contact with aqueous and fatty food. The carcass label helps track information for HACCP requirements. The 3-in. by 5-in. label is pre-printed with “lot number,” “kill date,” and “weight,” with space to write in the corresponding information. It can adhere onto fresh, fatty meat, which may be warmed or cooled, but not frozen.
DayMark, phone (800) 847-0101, or visit

Mold Prevention
SEI Chemical’s mold prevention and remediation product line contain products that actively fight against many common bacteria, such as listeria, E. coli, and salmonella, while also preventing mold. SEI’s product line coats the walls and surfaces of food processing facilities, allowing the mold to be killed on contact while offering long-term prevention from future mold growth for 30 years.
SEI Chemical, phone (818) 998-3538, or visit

High-Pressure Processing
American Pasteurization Co. offers access to high-pressure processing to food processors with volumes too low to justify the investment in HPP equipment. The company works with processors to incorporate HPP into their current distribution chain, so that food is treated at APC and can be date-stamped, labeled, packaged, and boxed on its way to distributors and retailers.
American Pasteurization Co., phone: (414) 332-4400, or visit

Sanitizing System
Biomist Inc. offers the Biomist™ Power Sanitizing System, which offers food manufacturers a way to safety power-spray their production equipment and facilities with a disinfecting solution of concentrated alcohol. It uses a proprietary alcohol-based Food Contact Surface Sanitizer-Disinfectant in a cloud of carbon dioxide propellant. The carbon dioxide cloud cuts off the oxygen necessary for combustion, eliminating the danger of flammability.
Biomist Inc., phone (847) 803-1720, or visit

Bag Loader
The Cryovac BL-189 bag loader is constructed of stainless steel, and the easy-access design of the system makes it virtually trouble-free for operators to clean and inspect. The system indexes, advances, and opens taped bags for manual product loading and handles bag widths up to 16 inches. Ideal for smoked and further-processed poultry products.
Cryovac Food Packaging Division/Sealed Air Corp., phone (404) 266-7569, or visit

Sausage Linking Line
A high-running performance and shorter non-productive times makes the handtmann AL line PVLH 226 the leading production line for natural casings. For the first time, sausages with natural casings are linked using a flexible voiding technique. Benefits include accurately portioned linking to uniform length, high production output especially with small portions, precise weights, perfectly filled, stiff sausages with a first-class appearance.
handtmann Inc., phone (847) 808-1100 or visit

Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Intralox’s new EZ Clean In Place (CIP) system cleans conveyor belts used in hygienic industries quickly, effectively, and consistently while reducing water usage. Used with Intralox’s EZ Clean modular plastic conveyor belts, the EZ CIP system reinforces the belts’ built-in, easy-cleaning features. Wet-test cleaning trials show this system reduces cleaning time by 60 percent compared to manual cleaning.
Intralox, phone (888) 388-2358 or visit

Poultry Vaccine
 Lohmann Animal Health International’s (LAHI’s) newly licensed AviPro 101 Coryza Gold vaccine provides broad strain protection against clinical signs and symptoms associated with Haemophilus paragallinarium infection in layer and breeder-type chickens. Each bottle contains a consistent titer of A, B, and C serovars of Haemophilus paragallinarium. The antigen is suspended in a water-in-oil-in-water (WOW) adjuvant for low reactivity and long duration of protection.
LAHI, phone (800) 655-1342 or visit

Netting Handle Machine
The Tipper Tie‚ Tipper Netter TN-3001 was created to automate the entire netting, handle-making, and clipping cycle. Unlike requiring individual machine operators to manipulate a handle, the TN-3001 produces the same size netting handle every time providing netting savings, eliminating ergonomic issues, and ultimately providing a consistent, better-looking finished product.
Tipper Tie Inc., phone (800) 331-2905 or visit

Live Production Planning
USCCG’s Live Production Planning System matches current live inventory to future kill facility demand. This unique enabler facilitates the buying and selling of eggs, young, and mature birds; management of breeder stocks, hatchery set and bird placement schedules; and the grow-out cycle. The live production planning system is part of a suite of automated business solutions.
USC Consulting Group, phone (813) 636-4004, or visit

Fernqvist Labeling Solutions offers the LX800 Full-color label/bar code inkjet printer to provide high-quality digital four-color process printing on the label rolls. It allows on-site digital printing for day-to-day operations in nearly any environment and prints clean, color labels in quantities from a few to hundreds per day. The LX800 prints labels in widths up to 8 inches on media up to 8.25 inches wide.
Fernqvist Labeling Solutions, phone (650) 428-0330, or visit
The Imaje 2000 series label printer can handle any on-demand labeling application. The modular design makes it adaptable to various production requirements and easy to incorporate new technology by swapping component options. The system can be changed from 4-inch to 6-inch print head configurations, 200 and 300 dpi resolution, blow, tamp, and wipe applications, and thermal transfer and direct thermal printing.
Imaje Marketing, phone (770) 421-7700, or visit

J. W. Winco Inc. offers inch- and metric-size aluminum cabinet “U” handles with tapped holes. The handles feature a smooth surface and rigid design and are available in black, red, anodized (natural), and a bright tumbled finish. When coated with an epoxy powder coat resin, the ability to work with the handles is further enhanced.
J.W. Winco Inc., phone (800) 877-8351, or visit
Master-Bilt introduces a new standard deadbolt locking handle on all walk-in coolers and freezers. The mechanism is permanently affixed to the doorframe exterior, so if the locked handle is removed, the walk-in door remains locked by the deadbolt. The handle can be secured in the unlocked position to prevent unauthorized locking of the door, and an inside safety-release knob prevents accidental entrapment.
Master-Bilt, phone (800) 647-1284, or visit

Duff Norton’s new three-ton capacity machine screw actuator has a standard 24.2 efficiency rating, can be driven at 2 hp maximum, and is available with top place, clevis end, or threaded end mounts. It is suitable for applications requiring positive mechanical positioning, and can be driven either by a manual crank or a gear motor, which is connected to the horizontal worm shaft.
Duff Norton, phone (800) 477-5002, or visit NP

Pallet Truck
Mettler Toledo offers the Xpress pallet truck scale, a mobile, battery-operated scale. Available in two different fork widths, the pallet truck scale line offers an onboard weighing system with a six-digit, high-contrast LCD indicator, and four color-coded tactile keys. It has been designed for heavy-duty applications and offers smooth and precise handling.
Mettler Toledo Inc., phone (866) 689-7737, or visit  

Seal Inspection
Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC offers its new Seal-Scan™ inspection technology on its line of inspection equipment. The Seal-Scan inspects the seal for flaws and defects on flat or stand-up pouches made of any type of material. The Seal-Scan Pti-540 is designed for integration into pouch filling and sealing machines running at line speed, and the Pti-550 is a stand-alone pouch-inspection system. Model Pti-525 provides off-line inspection and an in-depth quantitative evaluation of seals.
Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC, phone (800) 532-1501, or visit

Pre-treated precision edging on strip steel is offered by Blue Blade Steel. The edging transforms standard slit edge strip steel material into amore efficient, finished-edge strip that reduces production time, shortens time-to-market production schedules, and eliminates time, cost, and scrap waste. They are available in square, round, or any combination of machine-beveled edges.
Blue Blade Steel, phone (908) 272-2620, or visit

Vortex Mixer
(thomas_mixers-group.jpg) Thomas Scientific offers a new line of vortex mixers. The Thomas® Mini vortex mixer can be used with test tubes, flasks, beakers, and a range of small containers. The Touch vortex mixer is a one-touch unit designed for high-speed mixing of samples. The Analog vortex offers variable speed control for gentle or high-speed mixing, and the Multi-Tube vortexers provide vortexing of up to 50 tubes or three microassay plates.
Thomas Scientific, phone (856) 467-2000, or visit

Pest Control
Orkin Commercial Services now offers free training materials via a new online resource called Orkin University Online. Orkin University includes free downloads such as a “5 Steps to a Better Audit” video, sanitation and storage quiz, and a “Before Your Next Health Inspection” checklist. Links to off-site learning materials are also available.
Orkin Commercial Services, visit

Atmosphere Stunning System
(Dapec Controlled Atmosphere Stunning 2 12-04.jpg) Dapec entered into a licensing agreement with Roger A. Draft Consulting to be a worldwide distributor of a controlled atmosphere stunning system for turkeys. The system involves administering an anesthetizing low dose of carbon dioxide, followed by a second, higher-concentrated dose that renders the birds unconscious. The CAS system reduces the stress on the birds, eliminates live hanging, and results in better bleed out, fewer blood spots resulting in higher yields, and longer shelf life.
Dapec, phone (800) 346-2177, or visit

Material Handling
FKI Logistex has incorporated several design updates to its Accuzone® 24-volt motorized roller accumulation and transportation conveyor.  The standard control system is now a standalone and programmable DeviceNet networked controller that enables completely modular wiring. Also new are the optimization of merge and divert module sizes for easier handling and configuration, and the addition of a cost-effective, aesthetically designed plastic side frame cover to encase wiring and controls.
FKI Logistex, phone (877) 935-4564, or visit

Vacuum cleaning
(Monbloc 60.jpg) Vac-U-Max offers the Monobloc Central Vacuum Cleaning System, which features “plug and play” installation with a complete controls package and no discharge valve, making it perfect for abrasive and non-free flowing metals. The Monobloc offers up to 740 square feet of filter area and 0.5 micron filtration, and it can support from two to 15 simultaneous operations.
Vac-U-Max, phone (866) 239-8449, or visit

(steel_rvl 108_truckstop.jpg) Security booths guard against unplanned intrusions, enable guards to screen visitors and employees before entering vital areas, and improves security infrastructure and emergency responsiveness. Porta-King Building Systems offers a complete line of standard or custom-designed bullet-resistant steel and aluminum pre-assembled buildings. The buildings are built to withstand almost any environmental challenge while protecting a facility from unauthorized entries and threats.
Porta-King Building Systems, phone (800) 456-5464, or visit

(slide) Carlisle offers a 25-inch-high Wet Floor sign, in bright yellow plastic with lettering that reads “Caution, Wet Floor” in English and Spanish. The contoured feet minimize contact with wet floors, and its one-handed operation opens to a locked position. Special grips help keep fingers from getting pinched.
Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products, call (800) 654-8210, or visit