Introducing Greenseal

New packaging technology incorporates RF technology.
Grocers and retailers accustomed to selling meat and other perishables in familiar thermal heat-sealed packaging can now turn to an entirely new packaging technology that employs radio frequency (RF) to create what the company calls “the tightest, most efficient seal available in packaging anywhere in the world.”
GREENSEAL, a revolutionary new packaging application that uses radio frequency technology, is already capturing the attention of retailers and grocers in the United Kingdom and North America. Created by Stanelco PLC (LSE:SEO.L), the developers of GREENSEAL relay this technology has the potential to revolutionize how consumable products are packaged and sold in markets worldwide.
“We are thrilled at the quality and integrity of the RF weld on mono-plastics,” says Stephanie Morgan-Fisher, Stanelco spokesperson and newly appointed Director of U.S. Operations. “The seal integrity possesses less than a one-tenth of one percent leakage factor. Its return-to-manufacturer (RTM) rate is also less than one-tenth of one percent annually, realizing a savings of millions of dollars for retailers.”
While vastly improved seal integrity is the top benefit offered by GREENSEAL, retailers can reduce the cost of packaging materials by 20 percent using GREENSEAL, the company relays. The application replaces laminated plastics with less expensive mono plastics, which can be easily recycled. The company adds that energy costs required to produce the tray lids and thermoformed packages can be reduced by nearly 70 percent annually by utilizing GREENSEAL.
Stanelco has opened a North American office in Orlando, FL, to coordinate international sales and implementation efforts for Stanelco. Stanelco PLC, based in Southampton, England, was founded in 1953. It is engaged in the commercialization of new applications, innovations, products and processes based on radio frequency (RF) technologies. NP
For more information, phone Stephanie Morgan-Fisher at (321) 662-2578, e-mail, or visit