Oven Ready Line Extended

The Jennie-O Turkey Store® Oven Ready line of turkey products now offers bone-in and boneless, skinless turkey breasts, which provide a new choice for convenient, great-tasting family dinners. The two new products join home style and butter, garlic & herb whole and half turkey varieties in the line.
The Oven Ready products go straight from the freezer into the oven without thawing or additional cleaning. All consumers need to do is cut a few slits in the proprietary roasting bag, put the bag in a pan and place it in the oven to cook the turkey inside. A pop-up timer makes it easy for cooks of any experience to know when the turkey is done, and each turkey breast comes with a gravy packet.
These two new turkey-breast products are the latest in a line that was introduced with whole and half turkeys in 2004, and the new breast products were introduced nationwide in mid-October of 2005, in time for the holiday season. NP