Covering The Earth Includes Food-Industry Floors

Sherwin-Williams manufactures and distributes the most complete line of coating systems and support services for food industry customers.

Nobody has the food processing industry covered quite like Sherwin-Williams. Founded in 1866, Sherwin-Williams is the largest manufacturer of industrial coatings in the U.S., and the maker and distributor of the most complete line of coating systems for the meat and poultry industry. From architectural coatings, to chemical resistant linings and high-performance flooring systems that can withstand the rigors of daily food processing operations while maintaining compliance with the toughest USDA and FDA regulations—plus integrated, seamless wall systems—no other industry supplier can match the depth and breadth of Sherwin-Williams products and expertise.
Known globally for its world-class research and development efforts, Sherwin-Williams constantly strives to bring the best products to market with value-added features that meet customer needs to speed up curing time, improve the overall quality of the job, require fewer coats to reduce labor costs, and ultimately to get your meat or poultry processing operation back into service faster. The company’s wide range of urethane and epoxy-based liquid-applied membrane products offer surface finishes that meet all your slip resistance and decorative requirements.
Sherwin-Williams coating systems for the food processing industry include ArmourSeal® ExpressPatch for fast and effective general floor repair; EnviroLastic® Polyurea Coatings for select immersion or atmospheric exposures where a tough, flexible, impact, and chemical resistant film is needed; Fast Glo® Safety Marking Paint for interior use where a photo luminescent coating is useful to designate boundaries and directions; Fast Clad® DTM (Direct to Metal) Urethane, for great corrosion protection in one coat without an epoxy primer; FasTop® Flooring Systems for long-lasting performance and quick installation; Macropoxy® 646 Fast Cure Epoxy, ideal for maintenance painting applications; Zinc Clad® IV Zinc Rich Coating for a self-healing paint film offering cathodic protection; and Saniflex® Interior Wall Systems, a multi-layer, high-build wall surfacing system.
The backbone of the company’s polymer flooring system lineup for the meat and poultry industry is comprised of FasTop Flooring Systems, says Jim Ratliff, National Accounts Manager, Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings.
“These materials provide outstanding performance in the challenging environments of food processing plants,” he says. “They are made-to-order for the constantly damp or wet conditions, cool temperatures, and sanitation processes commonly used in these plants. With excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and heavy wear, these systems also have very low odor with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) so they meet compliance needs.
“With every Sherwin-Williams product comes expert advice and service that is second to none,” he adds. “If you have a question regarding USDA and FDA regulations, local and federal environmental compliance regulations, ASTM standards, or other issues, our technical field representatives are there to help.”
He points out that the company’s field service representatives are backed by a team of Corrosion Specification Specialists, certified by NACE International, so customers get the in-depth answers they seek. A national network of certified contractors ensures the installation is done right NP
To learn more about Sherwin-Williams complete line of coatings, equipment, and painting supplies for the food and beverage industries, contact your Sherwin-Williams representative or call 1-800-524-5979 to have a representative contact you.