Smithfield’s Global Reach

The bulk of Smithfield Foods’ global operations are U.S.-based, but other holdings include subsidiaries, joint ventures and ownerships in countries around the world.
U.S. operations
Smithfield Packing Co., Smithfield, Va.; approximately 13,600 employees; brands include Smithfield, Smithfield Lean Generation Pork, Tender ‘n Easy, Lykes, Sunnyland, Jamestown, Gwaltney, Great, Valleydale, Esskay, Reelfoot, Smithfield Ham & Products and Stadler Country Hams
John Morrell & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio; approximately 6,800 employees; brands include John Morrell, Dinner Bell, John Morrell Tender N Juicy, Kretschmar and Rath Black Hawk
Cumberland Gap Provision Co., Middlesboro, Ky.; approximately 300 employees, Smithfield owns 90-percent of company that processes premium branded smoked hams, sausages and other specialty pork products
Farmland Foods, Kansas City, Mo.; approximately 6,270 employees; brands include Farmland, Carando, Roegelein, Farmstead and OhSe
Smithfield Deli Group, Smithfield, Va.; approximately 20 employees; brands include Smithfield Deli, Gwaltney Deli, Krakus, John Morrell, Stefano Foods, Kretschmar Deli and Patrick Cudahy
Patrick Cudahy, Milwaukee, Wis.; approximately 2,200 employees; brands include Patrick Cudahy, Patrick’s Pride, Pavone, ReaLean, Golden Crisp and La Abuelita
Smithfield Beef Group, Green Bay, Wis.; approximately 5,500 employees; brands include Packerland, SunLand, Moyer, Supreme Valu, Showcase Supreme, Showcase Foods, Steakhouse Classic and Cedar River Farms
North Side Foods Corp., Arnold, Pa.; approximately 260 employees; Ember Farms brand
Stefano Foods Inc.; Charlotte, N.C.; approximately 80 employees; brands include Stefano Foods, Rip-n-Dip and Casa Esteban Stuff
Smithfield RMH Foods Group, Morton, Ill.; approximately 100 employees; brands include Flavoré and Rockés Meating Haus
Smithfield Foodservice Group, Smithfield, Va.; approximately 40 employees
Smithfield Innovation Group, Smithfield, Va.; approximately 10 employees
Murphy-Brown LLC., Warsaw, N.C.; approximately 4,130 employees, the world’s largest hog producer
International operations
Animex, Warsaw, Poland; approximately 7,800 employee; Poland’s largest meat and poultry processing company; markets Krakus brand ham in the U.S.; other markets include Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden and Korea
Jean Caby Group, Lampaul Guimiliau, France; approximately 1,850 employees; brands include Jean Caby, SBS Restauration (foodservice), Petit Rose (export) Julo and Jean d’Erguet
AFG Company Ltd., Heshan, Guangdong, China; approximately 560 employees; produces, sells and distributes processed meat to retail and foodservice customers; joint venture with Artal Holland B.V., AFG
Norson, Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico; approximately 2,500 employees; brands include Norson and Sakura; 50-percent partnership with Norson, a pork producer and processor, through Mexican subsidiary, Smithfield of Mexico
Smithfield Foods Ltd., United Kingdom; approximately 50 employees; produces a full line of fresh meats and further-processed chilled and canned meat products
Campofrío Alimentación, S.A., Spain; approximately 6,090 employees; largest meat processor in Spain and one of Europe’s largest diversified meat processors; 23-percent ownership
Smithfield Procesare, Romania; approximately 460 employees; hog production and pork processing business; 70-percent ownership
Comtim Group S.R.L., Romania; approximately 650 employees; vertically integrated meat processing company in Timisoara including hog production facilities with capacity of 15,000 sows
Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding LLC, Boulder, Colo. (a joint venture with ContiGroup Companies Inc. and an independent operating company); sells cattle to multiple U.S. beef packing firms; operates 10 feedyards capable of a one-time total feeding capacity of 811,000 head