2008 Exhibitor List

The International Poultry Expo, taking place from January 23-25, 2008, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, regularly draws more than 20,000 industry professionals from around the world. This year’s show will bring in more than 900 exhibitors, showcasing the latest products, equipment and services for the industry. What follows is the Exhibitor Booth Listings for the show,as of Dec. 14, 2007.
IPE 2008 Exhibitor Booth Listings
(as of Dec. 14, 2007)
CompanyBooth #
4 State de Mexico5467
4B Components, Ltd.3713
A-1 Flake Ice Machine Co.756
A/B Technologies Int'l Inc. (ABT)3474
A&D Weighing1228
A. O. Smith Electrical Prod. Co.1771
A-One Manufacturing Co.2300
AA Rotating Apparatus LLC2165
AB Vista Feed Ingredients3109
ABC Research Corporation3943
Abel Manufacturing Co., Inc.3735
Acme Engineering & Mfg. Corp.4628
Acme United/Clauss2117
ADCO Manufacturing852
Admix, Inc.1935
Advanced Detection Systems2320
Advanced Surfaces Corporation1859
Advantage Refrigeration Inc.4467
Aerofreeze, Inc.1320
Aerospace Lubricants1659
Aerotech, Ventilation Systems - Munters Corporation3710
AEW Delford Systems954
AFIA IT Trace & Track Project3161
AGCO Ag-Chem Equipment4369
AgD Nutrition3257
Agra Flooring International Ltd.5251
Agra Industries, Inc.3168
Agresearch Inc.3614
Agri-Pro Enterprises of Iowa, Inc.4457
Agri-Ventilation Systems, LLC5129
Agri-Nutrients Technology Group3160
Agrisoft Solutions/Chilson's Management Controls, Inc.5161
Agro Logic4664
Agropecuaria Agriquimvet C.A.5261
Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP834
Air Products742
Air-Tite Products Co., Inc.5235
AirDale Systems, Inc.5168
Airgas Merchant Gases763
Alabama Power Company1956
Albion Advanced Nutrition3428
Alex C. Fergusson, Inc.1110
Allstar Packaging721
Alltech, Inc.3566
Amandus Kahl USA Corp.4843
Ambrose Packaging2162
American Association of Avian Pathologists5158
American Coolair Corporation4128
American Egg Board4757
American Energy3978
American Feed Industry Association3662
American Feedmilling Systems3248
American Heat and Power LLC5369
American Humane Certified5256
American Poultry Historical Society2261
American Poultry Services Ltd.5272
American Proteins, Inc.3734
American Stainless and Supply833
Ampco Pumps Co., Inc.737
Anchor Coatings Inc.4269
Anchor Packaging4250
Anco-Eaglin, Inc.2119
Andritz Sprout3942
Anglia Autoflow Limited1452
Animal Agriculture Alliance5166
Animal Science Products, Inc.4519
Anitox Corp.3746
AovaTechnologies, Inc.3115
APP Global, Inc.3370
Applied Industrial Technologies953
Aquatech Pro5457
Aramark Uniform Services830
Arbor Acres - Aviagen4042
University of Arkansas5366
Aruas Poultry Equipment, S.A.4951
Ascor Chimici srl4426
Auburn University Poultry Science Dept.5343
Automated Food Systems, Inc.1358
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.1427
Avian Technology International, Inc.5032
AviTech LLC4742
AWB Engineers1014
Azomite Mineral Products Co.3546
AZZ/ R-A-L800
B.N.W. Industries3156
B.W. Cooney & Associates, Inc.935
B.H. Bunn865
BAADER Food Processing Machinery1804
Babolna Tetra Ltd.4647
Baer Systems, Inc.4368
Baja Agro International S.A. de C.V.3274
Balchem Corporation3742
Baldor Electric Company1352
Barnes Paper Company, Inc.4348
Barron & Brothers International5471
Bayer Animal Health4356
Be-Long Enterprises, Inc.4937
Beacon Products, L.L.C.4930
Beehive, Inc.1236
Beijing Challenge Biotechnology Limited Company4562
Bellamy Strickland2260
Bentoli AgriNutrition3342
Beta Raven3524
BETCO Inc.5181
Bettcher Industries, Inc.934
BFI Innovations, Inc.3707
Bioagra LLC3270
Biofuels Business3227
BioGreen Odor Control5265
BioResource Int'l Inc.3139
Birko Corporation2171
Bizerba USA Inc.1652
BJK Industries, Inc.1329
BJM Pumps732
BK Giulini Corporation1157
Blentech Corporation1926
Bliss Industries, Inc.3334
Blue Ribbon Service938
BluePrint Automation, Inc.1802
Bluffton Motor Works1600
BM & M Screening Solutions3512
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica5257
Boston Gear2070
Bridge Machine Co., Inc.1268
Bright Coop, Inc.3934
Brilliant Alternatives, Inc.3127
Brookside Agra LLC3475
Brother Enterprises Group3269
Brown Bear Corporation4663
Bruker Optics3366
Bry-Air, Inc.1024
Buhler Inc.3304
Building Crafts, Inc.1222
Bunzl Processor Division1570
Burch Industries, Inc.4246
C. A. T., Inc.1616
C. E. Shepherd Company, L.P.5182
C. A. T., Inc.21618
Cal Conduit Products3225
Camar Mill Systems3246
Campbell Lighting Inc.5286
Canarm Ltd.5078
Cantrell Machine Co., Inc.1534
Carruthers Equipment Co.2056
Carter Day Jacobson3137
CASP S/A Industria E Comercio4226
CBH International, Inc.5350
CBM Lighting Mfg Inc.5367
CDC Software/Ross Enterprise1722
CEI Pacer3363
Centimark Roofing2210
Centurion Poultry Inc.4956
Cenzone Tech, Inc.3445
Cereal Byproducts3711
CES/Foodlogistik U.S.A.2035
CFS Americas1444
Char Crust, Inc.752
Chem-Aqua, Inc.4268
ChemGen Corp.3534
Chemical Injection Technologies,Inc.5134
ChemStation International, Inc.2143
Chick Master4066
Chief Agri/Industrial3651
Chlorinators Incorporated5150
Chore-Time Brock International4351
Chore-Time Brock International4449
Chore-Time Brock International4350
Chr. Hansen, Inc.3453
Cid Lines N.V.5178
Ciemmecalabria SRL2057
CKS America820
CMS - Carroll Manufacturing and Sales826
Cobb-Vantress, Inc.4022
Codema LLC3525
Cold Equipment Corp.1504
Colormasters LLC2342
Columbia Okura LLC3561
Combi Packaging Systems LLC919
Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC3861
Computerway Food Systems1252
Concepts and Designs MS2304
Conforma Clad3564
Connex Industrial Corp.4570
Consolidated Grain & Barge Inc.3107
Consolidated Mill Supplies3649
Continental Agra Equipment, Inc.3200
Continental Hydraulics1001
Continental Plastic Corp.4443
Convergent Label Technology859
Conveying Industries, Inc.3519
Cooling International LLC2052
Cope Plastics1712
Country Grain Elevator Historical Society2263
Cozzini, Inc.1419
Cryogenic Systems Equipment1870
Cryovac - Sealed Air Corporation1244
CVP Systems, Inc.1464
CWT Farms International, Inc.4256
D & F Equipment Sales, Inc.1134
Dalian Platinum3327
Danisco Animal Nutrition3256
Davis Poultry Equipment1422
Dawe's Laboratories3515
DCS Sanitation Management, Inc.1617
Degussa Corporation3856
DeLaval Cleaning Solutions2041
DeLong's Gizzard Equipment1114
Desert King International3842
Detroit Radiant Products Co.5238
Diamond V Mills, Inc.3326
Dinatec Inc.3504
Diversified Imports4362
Doboy and Bosch Packaging Technology1120
Dolco Packaging4650
Dontech Industries2020
Dorssers Inc.3405
Dosatron International4364
Dosmatic USA / International4248
Double L Group, Ltd.4142
Dow Biocides5048
Dow Building Solutions5231
DPI Global3857
Dramm Corporation5152
DRB Industries LLC/Kool Pack5128
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.3822
The Dupps Company1034
Duram Rubber Company1740
Dyadic International, Inc.5361
Dynaco USA Inc.1550
E.S.E., Inc.3950
Eagan Mfg. Co., Inc.5080
East Iowa Plastics5244
Easy Automation Inc.3412
EBM Manufacturing, Inc.3460
Ecolab, Inc.1434
EcoSmart Technologies Inc.3223
eCow Products LLC3313
Ediciones Pecuarias3166
Egg Industry4073
Elanco Animal Health4580
Electro-Sensors Inc.3411
Elite Spice Inc.1825
EMC Environmental Management Corporation2334
Emerald Isle Interior Foam Insulation, Inc.3217
Emery Winslow Scale Company1520
EnSave Inc.3221
Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc.1411
The Essmueller Company3434
Eurofins Scientific, Inc.4249
Executrol Systems2068
F.J.C. International1126
The Facility Group1006
Farm Alarm Systems, Inc.5365
Feed & Grain Magazine3443
Feed Management Systems3551
Feed Technology Solutions, LLC3527
Fehr Bros. Industries, Inc.5379
Felins USA, Inc.4651
Fibertech, Inc.1227
Fibox Enclosures2125
Fibrowatt LLC2340
Filtration Mfg., Inc.4265
First Search America, Inc.2310
Flame Engineering, Inc.5283
Flatten-O-Matic Universal Technology1552
FMC FoodTech2252
Food Engineering2201
Food Process Systems1965
Food Safety Net Services853
Foodcraft/FC Distributors2346
Foodmate B.V.727
Formula One Fabrications1807
Fort Dodge Animal Health3814
FOSS North America3964
FPEC Corp.1840
France Doigt2301
Frost Links, Inc.2139
Gainco, Inc.936
Gainesville Spring Chicken Festival2338
Gardner Denver3346
Garner Environmental Services5357
Garratt-Callahan Company2319
Gasolec America, Inc.4641
Gator Tek5056
Gates Mectrol1571
Geelen Counterflow3468
Gen-Tech Inc.5269
Genesis III, Inc.3325
Genesis Instruments5126
University of Georgia4218
Georgia Institute of Technology1819
Georgia Power 2362
Gessulli Agribusiness5132
Gigola & Riccardi - S.R.L.5127
Giordano Poultry-Plast S.p.A.4767
Gleeson Constructors, L.L.C.902
Global Industries, Inc.3663
Global Sensors, LLC5252
Golder Associates Inc.2034
William Goodyear Co.1210
Grain Journal/Biofuels Journal3760
Great Eggspectations Studio4
Great Lakes Distributors4253
Griffin Industries3516
Griffith Laboratories2128
Grossman & Associates3151
Grupo Dipemar2327
GTC Nutrition3473
Guangzhou Wisdom Feed Technology Co., Ltd.3135
H. C. Davis Sons Mfg. Co., Inc.3956
H. Wilson Mfg. Co., Inc.3966
Haarslev, Inc.1744
Habasit Belting, Inc.1910
Hamlet Protein A/S3426
Handtmann Inc.724
Hantover, Inc.1215
Hartmann North America4849
Hatchery Planning Company4380
HatchTech Incubation Technology4156
Hawkhead Hatchery Equipment4266
Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co., Ltd.3235
Heat and Control, Inc.1642
Hencorp Futures, LC5263
Hendrix Genetics4948
Henning Construction Co., Inc.4550
Hensley Fabricating & Equipment Co.3210
Hercules Bags1609
HerdStar, LLC3101
Heritage Breeders LLC4461
Heritage Cutlery, Inc.1020
Hill Parts2010
Hired Hand, Inc.3922
Hollymatic Corporation1223
Hope Industrial Systems, Inc.1512
Hormann Flexon LLC2024
House Manufacturing Company5358
Hub City Inc.839
Hubbard LLC4534
Humane Farm Animal Care5383
Hy-Line International4456
Hybrid Turkeys4950
Hybro B.V.5049
Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions1936
Hydro-Thermal Corporation2064
HydroCal, Inc.1800
T. E. Ibberson Company3529
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.4334
Illinois Department of Agriculture3612
Impextraco N.V.3463
Incubator Supply, Inc.4144
Indumetavi S.R.L.1123
Industria Avicola4077
Industrial Manufacturing2323
Industrial Power Inc.1706
Industrias Halperin4556
Inix Nutrigo4963
Innovative Equipment Solutions4656
INSTA-PRO International3872
INTEC USA - Freezing & Chilling1939
Intech Suppliers LLC4724
Interclean Equipment, Inc.4267
Intereco USA, Inc.2018
International Hatchery Services, Inc.5370
International Nutrition, Inc.3843
International Paper1152
International Tray Pads & Packaging1220
Interplast Packaging Inc.4581
Interstates Companies3643
Intralox, LLC1658
Inverness Medical, Point of Care Diagnostics4370
Investigacion Aplicada, S.A. de C V5473
IPS-CareFree Enzymes Inc.5459
Ita International1047
J&J Manufacturing2329
Jackson Wood Shaving Mills, Inc.3472
Carter & Burgess2321
Jacobs Corporation3868
Jamesway Incubator Company Inc.4966
Jarvis Products Corp.1105
JAX/USA Lubricants2256
JBS United, Inc.3262
Jet-Lube Inc.2202
JetNet Corporation/Equimex925
Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., LTD3233
Jiangsu Zhengchang3142
Johnson System Inc.3113
K4 Products, LLC5469
Kansas State University, Dept. of Grain Science & Ind.3501
Katolight Corporation5172
Keith Mfg. Co.1964
Kemin Industries4668
Keytech Water Management5270
KIFCO Avi Foam Guard4671
Kikkoman International Inc.2126
Kimberley Marketing Inc.4447
King Bag & Mfg3153
KL Products Inc.4522
Koechner Mfg. Co., Inc.4315
Kohler Industries and Auctions2314
Kohshin Engineering Co., Ltd.5139
Kranz Flagpoles4531
Kuhl Corporation4762
Kunafin ‘The Insectary'5353
L. B. White Company, Inc.4372
Laboratorio Avimex5057
Laidig Systems, Inc.3507
Lambton Conveyor Ltd.3167
Landen Strapping Systems2226
Lawing Incubator Co.4422
Ledwell & Son3451
LEESON Electric Corporation1664
Light Speed White LLC723
LIMA S.A.S.1838
Lipo Technologies5186
Liquid Systems Inc.3368
Litetronics International3947
Liuzhou Xinhua Poultry Co.2312
Logic Technologies, Inc.3565
Lohmann Animal Health4748
Lubing Systems, L.P.4756
Lubrication Engineers1702
Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.1026
M and M Poultry Equipment/Memco Inc.856
M-Tech Systems U.S.A., Inc.4434
M-TEK, Inc.858
Magnaform Corporation1111
Maintenance Materials Resource, Inc.5227
Manitou North America, Inc.4850
Marel Group952
Marel Group959
Mark Enterprises6
Mark Enterprises2
Marq Packaging1508
Martek Biosciences3259
Maxi-Lift, Inc.4544
McAirland's Inc.814
McC Inc3222
McLanahan Corporation3645
MEAP Middle East Agrifood Publishers5146
Meat & Poultry Magazine1940
Mechanical Assembly Systems (India) Pvt2326
MEPSCO Inc.1620
Merial Avian Global Enterprise5070
Merial Select, Inc.5068
Merrick's, Inc.3406
Merrill Lynch1022
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.900
Meyhen International 21736
Meyhen International1734
Meyn America LLC2104
MicroMist Systems4450
Mill & Elevator Supply - Rubber Belting & Hose3242
Millpoint Industries Inc.2169
Milwhite Inc.3511
Mineral Associates, Inc.3846
Mississippi State University5348
Mitchell County Development Authority3229
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc.5262
MLF Biotech Inc.3449
Modern Livehaul2135
Moffett Poultry Forklifts4164
Mol Industries1319
Mole Master Services Corp.3117
Monoflo International, Inc.5136
The Montgomery Group, Inc.3971
Morris & Associates, Inc.1334
Morris Hatchery, Inc.4943
Mosaic Feed Ingredients3575
Motion Industries Inc.1264
Motomco Ltd.5160
MP Equipment Company1834
MS Technologies (USA) Inc.4469
Munters Co. Dehumidification Div.1323
Murphy Industries, Inc.4347
Murzan, Inc.947
MWI Components4365
Nalco Company4525
Nalley Bus Group5026
National Incinerator of Boaz, Inc.5266
National Poultry Equipment Co.4862
National Provisioner2042
Nature's Best Organic Feed3869
Natureform, Inc.4234
Neogen Corporation2307
New Brunswick International, Inc.2243
New Holland Agriculture4566
Newman Machine Company4251
Nicholas Turkeys4149
Nienstedt GmbH746
Norseman Plastics, LTD818
North American Nutrition Companies3111
North Carolina State University4832
Nova-Tech Engineering764
Novartis Animal Health3967
Novatec Pagani SA de CV1713
Novus International, Inc.3834
Nu-Meat Technology, Inc.1764
Nudo Products4363
NuTEC Manufacturing2101
O'Brien & Gere1823
O-Natural, Inc.5364
Oberlin Filter Company5059
OCS Checkweighers, Inc.2028
OKelley Mfg.4243
Omega Protein Corporation3467
Omni Apparel, Inc.1752
OPIsystems Inc.2360
Orchem Corporation1724
Orffa Inc.3268
Orics Industries1612
Orka Food Technology5156
Orkin Commercial Services1703
Ossid Corporation864
Ovotherm International Handels GmbH5164
Owens Corning1004
Ozone International2218
Packaging Personified Inc761
Packaging Specialties/Pacmac1604
Pactiv Corporation4442
Pak-Tec, Inc.5282
Paper-Pak Industries1364
PCS Sales3848
Peerless-Winsmith, Inc.1809
The Pelleting Answer, Inc.3450
Peripheral Mowers, Inc.5250
PermaTherm, Inc.943
Perten Instruments, Inc.3726
PetAg, Inc.3605
Peterson Engineering Service2204
Petfood Industry1801
Pfizer Animal Health4942
PFlow Industries Inc.1201
Phibro Animal Health U.S., Inc.3152
Plasco Designs, Inc.838
Plastic Fusion Fabricators1756
Pneumat Systems, Inc.3422
Poet Nutrition3770
Poly-clip System Corp.1064
Polychromix, Inc.2328
PolyConversions, Incorporated1773
Port-Land Systems, Inc.3866
Port-A-Cool/Kuul Pads4222
Portaluppi Rubber - ITALY2040
Porter Insulation Products, Inc.3656
POSS Design Limited1366
Poultry & Egg News, Inc.4122
Poultry International3976
Poultry Litter Solutions, LLC3104
Poultry Magazine2122
Poultry Protein & Fat Council3362
Poultry Science Assn.5148
PPG Industries1401
PPM Technologies1851
Praxair Food Technologies1164
Precision Lighting Systems Inc.4747
Premier Tech Systems3310
Preventive Environmental Mgmt, Inc.2022
Prime Equipment Group, Inc.2134
Primus Builders, GA1934
Prince Agri Products Inc.3150
Prince Industries, Inc.1044
Pro-Tech Inc4419
Process and Storage Solutions3552
Promens North America2224
Prominent Fluid Controls1625
PSI Heating Systems4247
PureLine Genetics LLC5062
QA Supplies, LLC4648
QC Supply5237
Qingdao Yimu Livestock Breed Equipment Co., Ltd.3224
QMS International Inc.1708
QPM Manufacturing LLC2066
Quality Technology Int'l, Inc.3548
Ralco Nutrition, Inc.3162
Razor Edge Systems, Inc.844
Realcold Milmech USA Ltd.1518
Red Alimentaria S.R.L./Revista Americarne/Solo Aves2322
Redwood Plastics Corp.1568
Reed Business bv4342
Refrigeration Design & Service, Inc.2324
Regulatory Consultants Inc.3949
Rehrig Pacific Company5267
Reid Engineering Company1008
rem Engineering, Inc.3106
Rentzel Pump Manufacturing1601
Repete Corporation3875
RH Forschner by Victorinox2325
Richard Russell Research757
Riley Equipment Inc.3567
Risco USA Corporation1918
RN Fabrications3312
Robustec Industria e Comércio Ltda5234
Rolfes @ Boone3417
Rome, Ltd.1224
Ronning Engineering3220
Rosal Instalaciones Agroindustriale3962
Roskamp Champion3526
Ross - Aviagen4143
Rotex Global LLC3102
Roto-Jet Pump1803
Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc.1115
Roxell USA4662
Royal Building Technologies1214
Rytec Corporation1564
Safe Foods Corporation2250
Safe-Grain - Maxi-Tronic3825
Salsco, Inc.5356
Scadalliance Corporation5038
SCAFCO Grain Systems Co.3500
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment5443
Schering-Plough Animal Health4034
Schlagel, Inc.3863
Scimetrics Ltd. Corp.3562
Scott Equipment Company3542
Screw Conveyor Corporation3315
Seedburo Equipment Co.3609
Sensor Development Corporation3165
SEW-Eurodrive, Inc.1670
Shandong Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., LTD3352
Shanghai Q-Full International3305
Shanghai Sunwin Chemicals Co.,LTD3123
Shell Lubricants3965
Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Cryogenic Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd5359
ShuBee, Inc.2266
Sidney Manufacturing Company3374
SIG Industries, Inc.1738
Sigma Industrial Automation, Inc.709
Sika Corporation867
Silliker, Inc.1855
Simmons Engineering Company1104
Sino-Alga Biotechnology Ltd.3163
Sistemas Agropecuarious JAT s.a. de c.v.4471
SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring1938
Smart Microbials3321
Smart Motion Robotics, Inc.4838
Smithway Inc.4059
Soda Feed Ingredients3311
Solus Industrial Innovations2308
Solution BioSciences Inc.1700
Southeastern Systems, Inc.1400
Southern Breeze Fabricators, Inc.4264
Southern Fluid Solutions5260
Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc.4542
Southwestern Sales Company4245
Spartan Chemical Company1113
Special Nutrients, Inc.4743
Specialty Industries, Inc.3827
Speco, Inc.1330
Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc. Zhaoqing Guangdong3201
Starflex Corporation804
Stellar 21524
Stenner Pump Company5278
Stephen Paoli International Corp.1000
SteriFx, Inc.1016
Sterling Electric, Inc.2123
Sterling Industrial Refrigeration1324
Stewart & Stevenson4622
Stober Drives Inc.1100
Stork Food Systems904
Strasburger & Siegel, Inc.1714
Striking Solutions Inc.769
Sudenga Bulk Feed Transports3343
Sudenga Industries3333
Super Cleaning Systems1623
Superior Contract Cleaners945
Superior Radiant Products, Ltd5342
Surface Solutions, Inc.2037
Sweet Manufacturing Company4262
Sympak, Inc.734
Synergy Technologies, Inc.957
Tabor Group Inc.4660
Tapco, Inc.3722
Tarheel Distributors, Inc.1314
Tasker Products915
Tavsan Poultry Equipment4642
Taylor Power Systems4675
Tecno Poultry Systems4280
Tecnologia Avipecuaria en Latinoamerica5236
Tefen Manufacture & Marketing4360
State of Tennessee5344
Texas A&M Poultry Science2100
ThamaVet LLC5242
The GSI Group3608
The Industrial Fumigant Co.3231
The Kent Group3471
The Professional Group Services, Inc.4424
Thermo Scientific2330
Thiele Technologies1540
Thomas Precision Machining Inc.1326
Thomas Pump & Machinery, Inc.1726
Titan Injection Parts and Service, Inc.1211
TNI Packaging, Inc.1615
Todd & Sargent, Inc.3774
Tom-Cin Metals Inc.3263
Tomahawk Manufacturing1836
TopKip USA, LLC2046
Tramco, Inc.3762
Trash Typhoon3158
Triangle Package Machinery Co.1640
Tripmaster Corporation3372
Trouw Nutrition International3604
Tru Hone Corporation1052
TSS EggQuality.com4830
Tucel Industries1218
Tufco International, Inc.1153
U.S. Water Services743
ULMA Packaging Systems942
Union Leasing1857
United Egg Producers (UEP)4873
United Promotions, Inc.4961
Universal Maintenance Inc.2306
United Egg Producers 2 (UEP)4969
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.1944
US Soybean Export Council (USSEC)3143
USA 21043
USA Sales & Automation LLC1556
USDA, AMS, Poultry Programs4763
USDA, Food Safety & Inspection Service747
USDA, GIPSA, Packers & Stockyards753
USDA, Nat. Agri Statistics Service751
V-RAM Solids744
Vac Air, Inc.1423
Val Products Inc.4926
Van Beek Natural Science LLC3401
Van Sickle, Allen & Associates4148
Varied Industries Corporation3226
Vaughn, Coltrane, Pharr & Associates1116
Vencomatic Inc.4134
Verderio Impianti Snc1216
Vertical Software Inc.3149
Vigen Construction Inc.4150
Vilter Manufacturing LLC1310
The Vincit Group1415
Virginia Tech Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences5362
Viscon NA5157
Visio Nerf4734
Vogt Ice835
Volk Enterprises, Inc.1971
Volta Belting Technology Ltd.1827
W. A. Westgate Co., Inc.4459
W R Cool Energy Savings LLC1704
Wagester & Lease, Inc.3864
Walinga, Inc.3642
Walter Danville Corporation2220
Warren Manufacturing Inc.3829
WATT PoultryUSA3972
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell1431
Weiler and Company, Inc.1234
Wells Lamont Industry Group1742
Weltech Agri Data5273
WEM Automation3456
Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.3131
West Virginia Development Office1710
Westfalia Technologies Inc.2038
WhaleCo LLC5279
Whiting Farms, Inc.5
Wilevco, Inc.1315
Wings Ltda.4574
Wire Belt Co. of America1331
Wolf-tec, Inc.1852
Wolff Industries, Inc.1058
World Grain Magazine1942
XACT Systems Inc.4658
Xenobiotic Detection Systems3376
Yamasa Poultry Equipment4846
Yamato Corporation1634
Yebio Bioengineering Co., LTD of Qing Dao3348
Young & Associates, Inc.1952
Younglove Construction, L.L.C.3728
Zee Company1417
Zentox Corporation1514
Zep Manufacturing Company1258
Zhejiang Guoguang Biochemistry Co.3768
Ziggity Systems, Inc.4828
Zinpro Performance Minerals3322