As founder of Donatos Pizza, a Columbus, Ohio-based chain with 200 stores in five states, Jim Grote was driven to find a better way to slice and apply pepperoni to his pies. He created the Peppamatic, the world’s first automated pepperoni slicer/applicator, in the late 1960s. The Peppamatic’s unique ability to cut labor cost, while increasing productivity and efficiency, inspired Jim to found the Grote Company.


Since 1972, Grote Company has established itself as the world leader in slicer/applicator innovation and technology, and continues to revolutionize the way food processors and manufacturers slice, stack, portion, count and arrange virtually all types of food products.

Grote’s extensive product line includes equipment to handle simple applications, such as bulk slicing and portion control, and is ideal for slicing most boneless and non-frozen deli and whole muscle meats. The delicate cutting action of Grote’s patented Accuband® blade makes it one of the most versatile slicing systems in the industry. Grote’s 613 and 713 multi-purpose slicers offer two of the most diverse cutting platforms on the market today.

Grote’s more complex systems provide solutions for automating food manufacturing processes. In these applications, Grote equipment is ideally suited for precisely slicing & applying products onto moving production line targets, as well as for applying sliced products directly onto moving oven belts. Today, Grote’s High Speed slicer is the industry standard for precooked bacon lines, while Grote’s Peppamatic and Slicer/Applicators are staples in the frozen pizza and snackfood industries.

Grote’s UK-based Advanced Food Technology (AFT) division, located in Thame, Oxfordshire, is world renowned for its ability to engineer tailor-made automation machines and assembly lines for the sandwich production industry.

Since developing the food industry’s first commercial potato peeler in 1954, Grote’s Iowa-based Vanmark Equipment division has become synonymous with the highest quality industrial peeling, washing and material handling systems in the industry. 
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