Jake’s Finer Foods announced that it will be acquiring certain assets of Houston-based Gourmet Ranch, a processor of custom cut, premium protein products. Gourmet Ranch, founded in 2000, is a leading source of high-quality beef, poultry, lamb, veal, pork, wild game and other specialty products.

The acquisition, which will be finalized in early April, will greatly expand Jake’s catalog of product offerings, and will provide considerable strength to Jake’s ability to service the critical “center of the plate” foodservice needs of its customers. Under the terms of the acquisition, Gourmet Ranch will become a flagship brand of Jake’s Finer Foods, and will continue its production operations from its facility located at 3902 North Main in Houston.

According to Leonard Bench, CEO and president of Jake’s Finer Foods, the acquisition stands to benefit both Gourmet Ranch customers as well as Jake’s customers.

“Gourmet Ranch, as a brand, has built an impeccable reputation as the highest-quality provider of center-of-the-plate offerings,” he said. “This is potentially the most critical area of foodservice need, something that impacts every foodservice operator. By combining Gourmet Ranch’s reputation of product excellence with the distribution expertise and dedicated customer service of Jake’s Finer Foods, our combined customer base can rely on us to deliver everything they demand, all from a single-source provider.”

Bench continues, “Customers of Gourmet Ranch recognize that the Gourmet Ranch brand is symbolic of high quality. Jake’s intends to respect that sentiment by not only retaining the Gourmet Ranch name and logo on its products, but also maintaining the processes that result in this longstanding tradition of quality. We will continue production operations from the present facility, but we also intend to apply the technological advancements and efficiencies made possible through the synergies of the combined, highly tenured Jake’s and Gourmet Ranch management teams. The benefits to both our new and our existing customers make this acquisition a true win across the board.”

Source: Jake’s Finer Foods