Curwood announced that its Liquiflex Advance film—the ultra-tough, sustainable new option for packaging pumpable bulk foodservice products—won gold in the 2011 FPA Achievement Awards Competition. Used to make bulk pouches for liquids and semi-liquids such as soups, sauces, condiments and meat slurry, the award-winning new film replaces metal foodservice cans or traditional bulk liquid films, generating 96% less waste than cans and up to 30% less waste than conventional films.

“We’re honored that Liquiflex® Advance™ film was recognized with an FPA Gold Award,” says Jon Pietsch, Curwood’s Market Manager for Liquid Flexibles, “the film is a big leap forward for the bulk foodservice packaging industry, and it is part of a total film and equipment solution that raises the bar for performance, efficiency and ease of use.” Liquiflex® Advance™ film is optimized to run on Curwood’s Liquiflex® AV Series Bulk Liquid VFFS equipment as well as all industry-standard lap seal bulk packaging equipment.

Featuring a proprietary 13-layer film construction, new Liquiflex® Advance™ film technology includes redundant nylon and EVOH layers for unprecedented strength, abuse resistance and barrier. The unique construction provides a strengthening effect that allows pouches to be downgauged up to 30% compared to traditional bulk liquid films without compromising structural integrity.