Brooklyn Cured’s new Snack Pack line is making waves in the specialty food industry by winning a 2024 sofi Gold Award for its Bresaola & Gouda offering. A top pick among Speciality Food Association judges in the Appetizer and Snacks category, this premium pairing is one of the four new Snack Packs recently launched in 2024.

“[Consumers] are snacking more than ever,” said Brooklyn Cured’s founder, Scott Bridi. “When designing these new Snack Packs, we had not only convenience in mind, but unique flavors that stood out from the rest. We are thrilled that our top-selling Beef Bresaola paired with a creamy gouda did just this by being recognized in this year’s sofi Awards ... ”

The New York City-based charcuterie company kicked off the year by introducing a new look that drew inspiration from the borough they call home. With new designs that are easily identifiable by their primary colors and iconography, Brooklyn Cured products stand out on retail shelves.

The full product line will be on display and available for sampling at the upcoming IDDBA in Houston at booth #4812 and at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York at booth #544.

Brooklyn Cured’s four new Snack Pack SKUs:

  • Smoked Beef Salami & Gouda: New York City deli-style smoked beef salami paired with a creamy gouda.
  • Tuscan Red Wine Beef Salami & Rosemary Gouda: Red wine beef salami paired with an aromatic rosemary gouda.
  • Bresaola & Gouda: Air-dried beef prosciutto paired with creamy gouda.
  • Bresaola & Truffle Gouda: Air-dried beef prosciutto paired with a luxurious truffle gouda

The new Snack Packs, including the sofi Award winner, are available to ship to stores nationwide.

Source: Brooklyn Cured