Triple T Specialty Meats Inc., an Iowa specialty food processor that has sent over 385,000 beef snack sticks to Iowa soldiers stationed overseas, announced that its award-winning beef snack stick will now be available for fundraising, providing organizations with a low cost and healthy fundraising alternative. Triple T’s “Beef’n Up Fundraising” program is already gaining local support.

The beef snack stick that Triple T is offering to youth groups, non-profit organizations, sports clubs and schools throughout Iowa, is a 1-ounce stick made from 100% beef with only 60 calories and 5 grams of protein. The snack stick has also won awards for its meaty texture and flavor, most recently winning Reserved Grand Champion at the 2011 Iowa Meat Processors Association Convention.

According to Jolene Heikens, president and CEO of Triple T Specialty Meats, “Our beef snack sticks are not only healthier than the cookies and candies traditionally sold to raise money, but will also give the fundraising group marketing value with personalized labeling options. We are very pleased to help these organizations grow while also helping Iowa grow.”

“Triple T’s beef stick fundraising program is a prime example of the Heikens’ continued effort to produce innovative and wholesome products to service and benefit Iowa agriculture, economy and employment,” states Mike Mamminga, retired bureau chief of Meat & Poultry Inspection of the Iowa Department of Agriculture. “In the 15 years that I have known the Heikens, I have never met another small Iowa business owner that is more energetic or motivated to produce the best products that they know how to put out in the meat and poultry industry.”

Triple T is partnering with the Iowa Beef Council to promote the beef snack fundraising program. “Beef sticks are a perfect snack choice for kids of all ages. They are a low-calorie high quality satisfying treat that are also convenient and portable,” states Michelle Baumhover, director of consumer marketing with the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “Partnering with Triple T Specialty Meats is a great opportunity for us to help an Iowa company promote beef in an innovative way.”

Fareway Stores, Inc., a long-time customer of Triple T, is lending support by providing the transportation of the beef sticks to the fundraising group’s local Fareway store at no charge to the group.

As a way to increase awareness of the fundraising program and its benefits to Iowa, each student who visits the Iowa Hall of Pride on an organized tour will receive a Triple T Specialty Meats beef snack stick. “Triple T is an Iowa success story - students need to know there are Iowa companies doing good things and that there are many opportunities for them in the future here in Iowa,” said Chad Elsberry, Hall of Pride communications director.

Source: Triple T Specialty Meats