Hidden-camera video secretly shot at a Texas farm revealing cruelty to calves will be released Wednesday morning by Mercy For Animals – a national animal protection organization. The video, recorded by a farm employee, shows workers bashing in the skulls of calves with hammers and pickaxes, dragging them by their ears, standing on their necks, burning them, and neglecting them to die without proper veterinary care. The organization is now seeking criminal prosecution of the company on grounds of cruelty to animals.

During a recent undercover investigation at E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas – a which rears nearly 10,000 calves for use on dairy farms – MFA’s investigator documented deplorable conditions and brutal mistreatment of animals.

After viewing the footage, Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned cattle welfare expert and advisor to the USDA and the meat industry, said, "It is obvious that both the management and the employees have no regard for animal welfare."

Promptly following the investigation, MFA presented an extensive legal complaint detailing numerous violations of Texas anti-cruelty law at E6 Cattle to the Castro County District Attorney and Sheriff’s Department. The evidence demonstrated an ongoing pattern of torture, unjustifiable infliction of pain and suffering on animals, and a failure to provide medical care. The case is currently under investigation.

This case graphically illustrates the often cruel and abusive plight farmed animals in Texas face,” said Nathan Runkle, executive director of Mercy For Animals. “We must adopt stronger and stricter state and federal laws to prevent and discourage farmers from beating and neglecting animals.”

To view the undercover video, visit http://www.mercyforanimals.org/calves.

Source: Mercy for Animals