The opening of the Northern Beef Packers plant has been delayed indefinitely, though construction and hiring employees is progressing, says CEO David Palmer.

"Our date is slipping, and we don't know where it is slipping to," Palmer said Thursday, reports the Aberdeen News, though he added that the delay was a matter of weeks, not years. “We are working as fast as we can, and we want to do it well.”

The plant, which was scheduled to open in November and then again on Dec. 9 and then again on Jan. 1, has hired five upper-level managers. The plant will need 250 people on staff when it opens. At first, Northern Beef will slaughter 500 cattle per day, but production will ramp up quickly as workmanship and quality guidelines are met, Palmer said. Eventually, 650 people will be employed to process 1,500 cattle per day.

Source: Aberdeen News