Cargill's Springdale, Ark., turkey processing plant that was closed in October after an outbreak of Salmonella has reopened. The company says that it has improved safety measures in the facility, reports the Washington Post, after the Salmonella outbreak left one person dead and hundreds sickened. A total of 36 million pounds of ground turkey were recalled in response.

Cargill has brought back about 50 of the 130 workers that were laid off at the plant when it was closed down after the outbreak. More than 70 other workers had already rejoined the company after the layoffs.

Cargill halted production at the Springdale plant and briefly resumed processing turkey. Then, in September, the company announced a second recall after a test showed salmonella in a sample from the plant. The USDA approved Cargill's recent safety measures and has given approval for the plant to start up one of its four ground turkey production lines. The other three lines are expected to resume production in the upcoming weeks.

Source: Washington Post