Deli Star has launched its new website, This easy-to-navigate website is based off of their its core principles: Focused on Food Safety, Committed to Research and Development, and Dedicated to Customer Service.

Focused, Committed and Dedicated are the main navigation words at the top of all the pages. Under the Focused tab, check out the Facility, Company Profile or the Post-Pasteurization process. Under the Committed tab, read about the Products or Request a Sample. Under the Dedicated tab, Meet Deli Star's Team, Contact them or read recent Industry News about Deli Star or the Meat Industry in general.

Deli Star will fill sample request for R&D and Purchasing staff affiliated with food manufacturing or foodservice companies. For a complete list of products to sample or enquire about, click on the 'Please Make a Selection' under the Request a Sample tab.

Coming in fall of 2012, Deli Star will add an order status page that will help increase customer availability and access to submitting orders online. This will include a confirmation email letting customers know when an order has been submitted, when it's planning to ship, a confirmation of the exact date of the shipment and when the order has left Deli Star.

Source: Deli Star Inc.