Four OSI Group companies, including two of its partnerships, were named in McDonald’s Corp.’s 2012 Best of Sustainable Supply report for five different sustainability projects. Noted were OSI Food Solutions – Europe, for its Animal Welfare initiative to reduce foot pad lesions in chicken; GenOSI, an OSI Group partner in the Philippines, which helped animal welfare officers in that country receive adequate training; K&K Foods, an OSI Group partner in Taiwan, which developed a role model wastewater recycling/reuse project to purify and repurpose used water for non-food operations; and Vista Processed Foods, noted for two different projects, one involving water conservation and the other, farmer education for safe handling of farm chemicals and pesticides.

McDonald’s Best of Sustainable Supply winners are companies that implement innovative and effective ways to address challenges to help improve food sources, the environment, communities and employee wellness across the world.

“I am pleased that McDonald’s has recognized our different group members and partners for all the work they have been doing in the area of sustainability,” said Dave McDonald, president and COO of OSI Group LLC.

“As we strive to be an indispensable supplier and partner to all of our customers, we know that sustainability is an important factor. We are actively working to do what is right for us, for our customers, and for the global communities in which we operate. Conducting business in a socially responsible manner is aligned with OSI’s core values and it guides our business conduct. McDonald’s has recognized these efforts, and knows that we are committed to getting even better.”

Source: OSI Group LLC