Anglia Autoflow N.A. offers the Controlled Atmosphere Stunner (CAS) to reduce stress on the birds and improve meat quality for poultry processing operations.
The CAS uses controlled, low levels of carbon dioxide until the birds lose consciousness, leading to improved product quality because the birds are not damaged during stunning or shackling.

“This slow, calm process relieves any stress on the birds,” Anglia Autoflow N.A. president Peter Goffe said. “There is also less wing damage and hemorrhaging in the meat.”

In addition to being more humane for the birds, the CAS is safe for workers, and working conditions are greatly improved. The bird handlers no longer shackle live birds in dark areas but working in brighter, more comfortable environments.

Since 1969, Anglia Autoflow has offered innovative products for the poultry and food processing industries worldwide. The company designs, develops and manufactures handling systems and controlled atmosphere stunning. For more information, visit or call 404-374-3966.