Reduced energy consumption, simpler installation and maintenance, and easy washdown are the key advancements of the new integrated valve and actuator control (IVAC) cylinder from Norgren Inc.

Working within the same footprint as a standard actuator, Norgren, a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, developed a modular motion control unit that combines the cylinder, pilot and control valves, position sensors and speed regulators in a single integrated unit. By eliminating the tubing and remote valve islands typical of pneumatic operations, the IVAC reduces the energy costs of compressed air by up to 50%, while delivering faster response times.

Eliminating tubing also saves space, improves aesthetics and simplifies cleaning. Norgren takes these advantages a step further in the cleanline IVAC. With the switches and valve inside a smooth casing, the cleanline version of the IVAC has an ingress protection rating of IP67, making it attractive for operations like food or beverage handling where frequent washdown is required.

With just one electrical and one pneumatic connection, the IVAC is installed quickly and simply. The IVAC can be used as a retrofit or installed in existing designs with no mechanical changes.

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