A poultry manure processing plant is being planned in a 20-acre site, located 20 miles west of Sutter, Calif. The plant will take poultry litter from Foster Farms and other Central Valley operations, reports the Appeal-Democrat, mix it with agricultural minerals, heat it and sell it to farmers for soil amendment or fertilizer.

The Sutter County Planning Commission voted 4-0 on Wednesday to approve the project, with commissioners voicing their support for an agriculture-related business.

"They gave their support that it's an ag-related business, a good fit for that area — and there's a real need, too," said Steve Geiger, principal planner.

The project would store about 25,000 tons of chicken manure and 25,000 tons of gypsum and agricultural lime. Storage and composting of the chicken litter will occur inside the warehouse so potential odor impacts should be minimal, according to staff analysis.

No one from the public expressed concerns about the project. The nearest neighbors are a cotton gin, oat and rice fields, and gravel mining.

Source: Appeal-Democrat