As the recall of potentially contaminated beef product continues to grow in the United States and Canada, the XL Foods recall has now reached overseas. The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety is advising companies to stop selling and to recall what it describes as "a small portion" of beef from XL Foods which had made its way to local shops, reports CBC News

"We will continue liaising with the Canadian authorities and closely monitor the situation," the agency said in a notice posted Friday online. "Relevant control measures will be reviewed when further information is obtained."

The agency said imports have been suspended for XL products which were produced on or after August 24.

Additionally, one more illnesses has been linked to E. coli found in beef produced at the Brooks, Alberta facility, bringing the total number of illnesses to 11. While the plant’s license remains suspended, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced it will begin a "detailed assessment" of the XL Foods plant in Brooks, Alta., starting Tuesday. Officials from the agency said they will be checking safety controls at the plant and will determine if XL Foods has fixed the problems uncovered by the agency.

Source: CBC News