Jennie-O has teamed up with the first app-enabled wireless meat thermometer, iGrill, to help home cooks and grill masters prepare tender, delicious turkey – such as Jennie-O turkey burgers – while ensuring food safety from anywhere in the home, from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android.

The app takes the guesswork out, providing a true sense of assurance and peace of mind that urkey burgers will always come out tender, delicious and fully cooked to a safe 165°F.

A meat thermometer is a necessity for home cooks and professional chefs alike, but the iGrill wireless thermometer takes this concept a step further by enabling the cook to monitor food temperature without being glued to the grill, stove or oven. The iGrill works with a free app that features multiple preset temperatures and allows the user to monitor multiple probes that are inserted into meat to measure temperature while cooking. Thanks to wireless technology, the probes relay temperature information to the user's Apple or Android device and send an alert when the meat is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. iGrill's wireless capabilities enable home cooks and professionals to monitor food from up to 200 feet away, so they can get out of the kitchen or away from the grill, and spend time with guests or on other important things. 

By freeing cooks from worry about preparing food to the right temperature, the iGrill also frees them to experiment with exciting new turkey burger recipes, tastes and flavor combinations. To help inspire cooks, the app includes 25 recipes for delicious JENNIE-O® turkey meals, such as the Jack and Guac Turkey Bacon Burger, Cranberry Horseradish Turkey Burger and Moroccan Style Turkey Burger.

"At Jennie-O we take food safety as seriously as we take great taste. Our new partnership with iGrill is another way to provide turkey burger lovers with the information they need to prepare safe and delicious meals, and gain the confidence to prepare creative, gourmet recipes they may never have otherwise thought possible," said Jen Ehresmann, director of marketing, Jennie-O.

Lianne Kersey, marketing manager, iGrill, says, "iGrill customers are cooking and grilling fanatics who take pride in the food they prepare, which is why we were excited to partner with Jennie-O, a company that takes food quality and safety as seriously as the iGrill community."

The iGrill app is free and can be downloaded at the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. The wireless meat thermometer is available for purchase at

Source: Jennie-O Turkey Store