Handtmann Inc. announced the appointment of Jay Wenther, Ph.D., as Director of Meat Technology. Wenther will be responsible for oversight of field applications and management of the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center in Lake Forest, Ill., says Tom Kittle, president of Handtmann Inc.

“We think Jay’s extensive academic experience and practical knowledge of the commercial meat processing industry is a perfect match for our innovative culture and the service goals we have set,” says Kittle. “He will be guiding the development of our Handtmann Technology Center programs and assisting our clients with customized services that support their search for new value.”

The Director of Meat Technology is responsible for the testing, and commissioning of Handtmann linking and stuffing technologies, consulting with customers on improvements in their processes, and assisting in troubleshooting complex installations and processing situations.

Wenther will also be responsible for coordinating meat related activities in the Arthur Handtmann Technology Center, including testing logistics and processes, customer support in the design or improvement of recipes, and the development and delivery of Handtmann training courses.

“Jay’s credentials in meat science, his deep understanding of meat production, and his ability to communicate technical information clearly and concisely are a valuable combination of skills in the field, in support of our sales and service teams, and in the Technology Center. We look forward to the value he adds for our customers,” says Kittle.

According to Wenther, who leaves his role as Executive Director of the American Association of Meat Processors and assumes his new position on February 18, “This is a wonderful opportunity to refocus on the processing aspect of the meat industry, which was ultimately the reason that I pursued my academics and entered the field.”