Butterball’s Jay Jandrain has been promoted to chief operating officer, following the retirement of Joe Nalley, who led the company’s operations for 10 years. Al Jansen has been promoted to executive vice president of sales, Jandrain’s prior role.

As of January 1, 2017, Jandrain now oversees live operations, plant operations, supply chain, purchasing, engineering, and research and development and will be responsible for all operational issues. Jandrain, a 28-year industry veteran, joined Butterball in April 2002 as the director of research and development. As the executive vice president of sales, Jandrain was responsible for food service, retail and export channels as well as product research and development, customer service and integrated business strategy. Jandrain earned a bachelor’s degree in food science from Cornell University and has held multiple sales and research and development management roles in food service and retail.

Jansen was promoted to executive vice president of sales and will assume responsibility for all sales channels and customer service. During his tenure at Butterball, Jansen made significant contributions to the business in his roles as vice president of integrated business strategy and senior vice president of retail sales. He worked with key functional areas such as live operations, manufacturing, distribution and sales to capitalize on opportunities to improve Butterball’s business performance.  Most recently, the 26-year industry veteran was a driving force behind Butterball’s tray pack expansion and Farm to Family launch. Jansen received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore and has successfully managed several retail sales teams, increasing profitability through his expertise in data management and analysis. 

Source: Butterball