This month at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Praxair Inc. will feature 2,500 square feet of industrial and cryogenic gases technology to improve yield and increase productivity in the poultry and meat processing industries. Visitors to the expo will see demonstrations of the latest advances in cryogenic freezing and chilling equipment, as well as other Praxair products and services specific to the segment.

Praxair Technology showcase highlights include these key systems for the processing floor:

•             ColdFront™ Even Chill System – an automated system for even, consistent distribution of CO2 snow in bulk packaging bins. Delivers evenly chilled product, reduced chilling costs, production floor space savings and easy sanitary cleanup.

•             ColdFront™ Diced Product Chilling – cryogenically modified dicing process reduces fines and improves product quality.

•             ColdFront™ Solid Belt Tunnel Freezer – developed to prevent damage from belt marks and ensure easy product release. Wet, semisolid or juicy foods release cleanly, maintaining their original shapes.

•             ColdFront™ Ultra Performance Flighted Tunnel Freezer – designed specifically for processing individually quick frozen (IQF) food; maximizes yield and production capacity, while keeping quality high and freezing costs low.

•             ColdFront™ Continuous Rotary Chilling System – precise and rapid, this machine rotates and gently tumbles food pieces keeping them separate for maximum cryogen exposure, and consistent, uniform temperature.

•             Praxair® Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) Systems – on-truck and in-cage systems for both turkey and broiler processing.  Humane, while improving processor yield and quality. 

•             Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Supply Systems, Equipment and Technical Support - for aeration and pH control in wastewater and alkaline process waters.

For further information on the aforementioned technologies and equipment, please visit or visit Praxair engineers in booth 4959 at IPPE.