WeighPack scaleThe PrimoLinear C-Series linear scale can weigh and fill the most difficult of products as it is engineered to use conveyors as opposed to traditional vibratory feed pans to transfer product.

This conveyorized scale is designed to automatically weigh and dispense food products that are sticky, wet or very delicate into bags, trays, boxes or bottles. Often used for fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, noodles, fresh poultry, delicate confections, cookies and more.

The C-Series scale is designed for small to bulk weights, ranging from 5 grams to 100 lbs depending on the model. These models are available in 1 to 4 lane configurations based upon production requirements. Mechanical features include tool-less disassembly and removal of conveyors, hopper, weigh bucket, and funnel for efficient sanitation and product change over.

All PrimoLinear scales include an industrial PC panel touch screen and bundled software including Windows, Skype, VNC, LogMeIn and Crystal Reports. Software features include remote online support, automatic scheduling, custom security configuration, unlimited recipes, multiple language settings and much more.

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